The Adventures of Supermom®

Dear Superdad,

You're probably thinking “oh great, ten years of blogging” or “Michelle and that damn laptop”.

I understand because you've not always understood my blogging bug but you've done your best to show me support over the years and I appreciate that.

Having a wife that tells the great big WWW about her life isn't the easiest I am sure.

I just want to tell you thank you for supporting me and our adventurous life with children.  It's not always been easy but we always come in search of one another for those kind words and encouragement when needed.

I am so very proud of my blog and because of my blog I have been able to experience things I know I'd have never been able to do otherwise.  Come on now!!  You love that picture of me dog sledding that was in the Duluth Newspaper and the picture of me at the Polar Bear Plunge walking out of the frigid water like a Bond Girl.

I just wish I had been able to recreate the scene from I Love Lucy when I toured the Dove Chocolate Factory!!!

Wonderful times.

So you see, you are the main one I want to celebrate with because you are my best friend, my partner and my Superdad.  Without you I wouldn't be The Adventures of Supermom®.

I hope you are proud of me to.

I love you,
Your Supermom

PS.  Now would be a good time to think of flowers or something creative for this special anniversary.  {gentle smile}