Toasted Coconut
{Supermom is in the Kitchen again.}

Michelle Lee
Second Batch.

Our babies love toasted coconut!!  We put it in their lunchboxes!!  A yummy treat that is sweet like candy.  One thing about toasted coconut is that it's expensive!!  I'm not talking that blue can of coconut that your grandmother uses to bake with, I am talking a packet of toasted coconut from the organic grocery store.

It's a bit pricey.

Yanno what?

I am an intelligent amateur chef and made my own.

{At a fraction of the cost!}

The first batch I added powdered sugar and maple flavoring and the second time I added more powdered sugar {because the first batch wasn't sweet enough} and vanilla flavoring.  IT WAS A HUGE HIT!  Even a neighborhood child that claimed he didn't like toasted coconut went home with a small bag.

{Insert smile here.}

toasted coconut
First try at toasted coconut.  In a plate ready to add powdered sugar and maple flavoring.

toasted coconut 1

toasted coconut 3
Wanna bite.

I've read that the best way is to toast the coconut in a pan on top of the stove instead of baking it in the oven.  Plus it's easier and quicker in my opinion.

I am a rockstar!!!!