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Dear Facebook.
Thank you for the suggestions of people I may know. Yes, in fact, I do know my ex husband. We do have two great kids together. Duh!

Messing with the baby and she's kicking me. She is going to be a Ninja.

Yes, if you live local I sent a few of you invites to like my church's Facebook page that I help run. Grace Episcopal Church is am amazing place to worship and the people are also amazing. I'm glad that I found them. I have missed going to church and helping in the office on Wednesdays since I've hurt my back :*(

Writing a blog post about how I am a shit parent. Nodding. This should be entertaining.

My six-year-old about gave a presentation at school this morning. Why we are running late by Ninja. I couldn't agree on a pair of shoes. And then I was arguing in the driveway with my mommy and wouldn't get in the van. I gave the neighbors a show.

Morning. It's what they call wordless Wednesday. Wonder if I can get the kids to play along?

Two kids for sale. Ages nine and six. Everything included.

Oh Em Gee. Watching The Blacklist.

Doctor Who is losing my interest this season.

Just cleaned up my half of the closet and tidied up the door where my scarves are.

I really wish my wrap was finished so I could wear it tonight.

Sitting on my ice. Crocheting. Watching Bob's Burgers.

FYI today is National Vodka Day. I know I will be drinking this great alcoholic beverage as I've been invited to a media event and dinner downtown. I love my job/blog.

Up. Bad dream. My back is killing me. Which is why I had the dream I bet. Anyway. Good morning.

Good morning. Our camp-out was successful. My back didn't like it. Now we're going to go make some biscuits.

Ninja named my pimple Stevie.

I am uploading a video for The Adventures of Supermom. I talk about my trademark, books, even try to speak in a Dutch accent and try to get Siri to let me call him James.