My Mamaw and My Papaw
{Two Very Important People}

Michelle Lee, The Adventures of SupermomA few weeks ago I had the best dream ever!!!  A dream where you don't want to wake up because it's so good!  My Papaw was there and even though I knew he was dead in the dream I was so happy to see him because I couldn't figure how he was there.  Hugging him.  Crying.  Kissing him.  Sitting in his lap at one time.  Telling him how much I missed him.  He looked just the way I remember him even with those ankle boots that zip up on the side.  {He was always dressed in slacks, button up shirts and those boots.  I don't think I ever saw him in jeans.}  I just wish I could hear his voice in my head.  I know the tone of his voice but I want to hear it.  There was a great line in Ulysses about this and I remember while reading the book I got really upset because I couldn't remember my Papaw's voice.

My twin brother Michael was also in the dream.  Michael died when we were only seven days old.  There are no pictures of Michael.  In my dream he had dark straight hair.  I kept asking him all these questions and he we sort of rolling his eyes at me because to him we'd known each other all this time and I was being the annoying little sister.  But to me I wanted to know all about him.  Where had he been?  What was he doing now?  What did he like?  What did he not like?  So many questions in such a short span of time.

My Mamaw was there too.

It was just the four of us.

Papaw, Mamaw, Michael and me.

I woke up and just cried and cried.

The dream was so real that I could just see myself there with my family.

I'm so glad that I had that dream.

Michelle Lee, The Adventures of Supermom
In Canada acting silly.

Michelle Lee, The Adventures of Supermom
In Canada again.