Losing A Tooth {Boy, she likes to hang onto them!}

Michelle Lee, The Adventures of Supermom

Ninja Gurl finally lost her SECOND TOOTH!!!!!  About damn time.  And it's not even the one that has been hanging on my a thread since April.  Yeah, she's still got that one.  It's pretty gross but no amount of bribing her to pull it has worked.

{I've even told her that if she let me pull it RIGHT now that I'd take her to The Toy Box and buy her whatever she wanted!!!!!!}

And that didn't even work!  If you are local and know about The Toy Box then you know that it's every kids favorite place in Asheville.  Even better than Toys R Us if you can imagine.  I even love it there and feel like a kid and I want to build with the blocks and play with the train table.  {nodding}

It was adorable when the tooth came out.  She was in her bedroom playing with her friends and they were yelling that she lost a tooth.  She came into the living room sort of in a daze with tears in her eyes and blood on her mouth.  Poor baby.  She was like I felt something hard in my mouth and I knew that I didn't put anything in my mouth so I pulled it out and it was a tooth.

HA HA!!  I didn't put anything in my mouth!!!!!

I love her so much!  She is a total baby doll and my baby.

The tooth fairy always makes it special when she comes.  She sprinkles fairy dust in places and on the money.  She's really nice like that because all girls love fairy dust.  After the tooth fairy came there was fairy dust all over the place and on us.  I looked in the mirror and I was all sparkly.

I walked into the kitchen and told everyone, "Either the tooth fairy came last night or I am a vampire."  Only Superdad and Ben got it but that was okay because it made me laugh.

We sparkled for days and there is still fairy dust on her bed.

I love being a mom.  I'm pretty good at it I think.  My kids can tell me in about twenty years how I did and how therapy is going for them.  {gentle smile}