Following in my Mamaw's footsteps.

Father's DayMy Mamaw is the matriarch of our family and I say this proudly.  During my forty years of life my Mamaw has been a constant fixture.  I guess this is true for all of us in her family.  Again we are all {probably} proud of this.  I cannot speak for the rest of us.

My Mamaw became a grandmother at a very early stage in her life and I'm sure she wasn't exactly tickled about that.  My Dad and Mom were practically babies themselves when they had me and my brother then they had to experience the death of a child.  Michael, my twin, was seven days old when he died.  I cannot even begin to imagine such loss to two young and brand new parents.  I never realized this thought until writing this blog post and it saddens me.

I've always wondered if that lost feeling in my life, throughout my whole life, was losing my brother whom I shared a womb with and now I must imagine how my parents felt with losing a newborn son.  Their son.

At this point I'm guessing the maternal instinct took over in Mamaw and she took care of little Michelle when she was finally released from the hospital months after being born.

In a sense, she raised me, taking care of me when my own parents needed that older wisdom she possessed even though she was a young grandmother herself.  I have many amazing memories with my Mamaw and Papaw as you know if you are a regular reader here.

We continue to make wonderful memories with Mamaw and I'm extremely happy that all four of my children have a relationship with her.

With this being said, I became a young mother at twenty years old and my grandmother helped show me the ropes with my own children.  It was much needed help and advice when I was seeking answers or if I was just exhausted from parenting the children.  She has been there for me with all four children and I am thankful.  At times you need the encouragement and kind words that only a Mamaw can give. 

My children have both a mom and dad and a step-mom and a step-dad and they have a Mamaw.  She has been the “other” parent in the equation at times when needed.  Helping raise these youngin's and now she even gives them advice on their life.

Pretty awesome that Mamaw had been a mother, grandmother, great grandmother and pretty soon she will be a great great grandmother in her lifetime.  And pretty soon I will be a  Mamaw like she is.  It's hard for me to imagine that I've reached this stage in my own life.  A grandmother.  Nodding.  Wow.  It just doesn't seem possible but it is.

My Mamaw helped with my children and now I will be helping them in a way that she helped me by caring for my granddaughter while my daughter finishes college.  H is in her third year at our local college and I told her that I would keep the baby for her to finish school.  In my mind finishing her college education is extremely important and I want to do everything possible to make sure that happens.

I'm pulling a  Mamaw.  Said with a smile.  I'm going to help out in any way I can to help my children.  Just like my Mamaw did for me.

I'm going to be the best Mamaw EVER!!!  Well, I'll come in a close second right after my Mamaw.