Best Breakfast Ever
{Brought to you by Thomas' Limited Edition Bagels & English Muffins and Président Butter.}

Michelle Lee, THe Adventures of Supermom

I've been having the best breakfast lately!!!  I was sent the new limited edition flavor from Thomas' Bagels & English Muffins in the mail recently and they were smelling the kitchen up!  In a yummy delicious way that is.  I've been enjoying my Pumpkin Spice bagels and english muffins toasted with butter and extra butter!  Thomas' has been making these great yummy limited editions lately and they are spoiling me by sending them my way.

Do you know what goes with a hot bagel or english muffin?  BUTTER!!!!!  I have found my FaVoRiTe butter EVER!!!!!  It was also sent to me for review and I am so thankful!!!  I love butter!!!!  Real butter!!  None of that fake stuff that's like one molecule away from plastic. 

Président, which is also famous for its cheese, is prized because:
·      Butter contains 100% cream with no added oils
·      It’s luxurious texture, full nutty flavor and rich golden color
·      Ranked #3 amongst 13 cultured butters by top food critics
·      Cultured cream adds a distinct flavor not present in sweet cream butter

I'm so happy that two great companies sent me two amazing products to try!  They came when I needed them the most, while recovering from my crazy back injury.

Check out these two great companies by clicking HERE {Thomas'} and HERE { Président}.

PS.  The plate is one my girls made at Fired Up! Creative Lounge in downtown Asheville.

**I wasn't paid to post this and the opinions expressed belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee.**