Retiring from The Adventures of Supermom
{Going Back to Basics}

This summer has been full of awesome surprises {a grandbaby} and things that have utterly depressed me {back problems} so I've decided to make some MAJOR changes in my life for me.

This blog will no longer be doing product reviews unless it's something aMaZiNg because my time is so valuable that I have to start taking care of it and me.  If I'm approached by a company and it's beneficial to us both then of course I will consider it because I've worked with some amazing companies over the years.

{There are still things scheduled to post so when they stop there will be no more.}

If you ever want to send me something then send it, I may or may not decide to blog about it.  I'm getting contrary and picky in my older age.  {wink wink}

No more press releases.  Sure, I love getting an awesome book every now and again but I cannot take up my time and blog space anymore to post a press release unless I've read the book and everyone else should read it too or not read it.

Know what I mean?

This blog is going back “old school” like it started out.  My personal journal.  I used to describe my blog like this, “Like Seinfeld.  A blog about nothing.” and I want to go back that route. 

Plus, isn't that how you found me in the first place??  I will celebrate TEN YEARS of blogging in November and I want to know that I am true to myself and true to my family.

Celebrate with me as I take a few steps back in this world of blogging so I can spend as much time as humanly possible with my kids instead of worrying about a deadline, recover from this back issue and a grandbaby is January.

I have so much to look forward to.

I hope that you catch the occasional update and enjoy the pictures that I will post. 

Keeping it real.  Life with The Adventures of Supermom.