People Come Into Your Life For Various Reasons
{With Pictures, duh!}

Michelle Lee, The Adventures of SupermomLong ago in school I had a friend named Laurrell.  {No, I am not using an alias to protect her identity.}

I really don't recall much about high school because I blocked it out.  I had a hard home life when I lived with my mom and then I had a hard life as a teenage girl.  Being a teenage girl is extremely difficult. 

Because I was one once no matter what my kids may believe.

I don't know if I was a good friend or a shit friend in school.  Only the people that knew me can answer that question.  I don't even know if I want to know the answer to that question.  I was probably self absorbed and thought the world revolved around me.  {Like all kids.}

But I do remember Laurrell in my life and I liked it a lot.  When we first met I was living in a trailer in Leicester next to this horrible girl who used to bully me.  Yeah, I had a bully.  I've written about the experience once before on this blog somewhere.  I was terrified of this girl because she made my life miserable.  So yeah I think bullies suck and should be told to eff off.  I get so sad when I hear about bullying because I was a victim of it.  {another story}

So Laurrell and her mom were kind to me.  People remember kindness and I remember Laurrell and her mom welcoming me into their home.  It was good.  I can still remember going to her grandparents house now that I think about it.  {My memory is pretty bad.}

Michelle Lee, The Adventures of Supermom

Laurrell moved off, got married and all of that.  She recalled that she saw me when H was a baby but I don't remember that at all.  I remember connecting on Facebook and random fun texts the past couple of years then life happens.

I have four kids.  One husband.  One dog.  Work.  Writing.  Reading. 

All I can say is that Facebook is wonderful because it allows you to reconnect with that one person that you have good memories of from long ago.  Know what I mean?  I know that Facebook also has people on it that you have no desire to reconnect with.  Facebook is high school all over again.  Friending and unfriending and gossip and more gossip.  Facebook just makes it easier to do.

{Off subject.}

Laurrell moved back!!!  Laurrell moved back with her family.  Laurrell came to visit me last week. 

It was pretty awesome.

I can remember hundreds of notes that we'd pass in class.  I used to make her search a word puzzles.  I wonder if she remembers?  I wonder if she remembers that huge hicky I got from a certain boy that was shaped like Italy??  Lord a mercy, I had forgotten all about that until now.  I cannot help it, I liked to make out with boys which is totally different than shagging boys.  But kissing was fun.

{Yuck to hickies though.}

{Here is also where I look innocent when I remember a bracelet.}

Goodness gracious.  Good times.

I hope that I was a good friend.

So, Laurrell came over last week because I had made her some friendship bread without nuts.  I had taken care of the starter for ten days and it was baking day.  I didn't bake until day eleven because I wasn't feeling well.  With my back.  But it's all good.

I used the beautiful friendship bread starter and added banana pudding, white chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips, toffee bits and maple flavoring.  I just knew the white chocolate chips and maple flavoring would compliment the banana.

So anyway, I made two loaves of friendship bread for my friend from high school.  I am glad that she has moved back to Asheville.

Michelle Lee, The Adventures of Supermom

Perhaps we can get some matching BFF tattoos.  {Just an idea.}

Just for you Laurrell.  Bring back memories?