Our Overnight Guest

Recently we took on a clean out the garage and basement project.  I was excited because there is so much crap down there than just needs to be throw away, donated to Goodwill or given to Habitat.  {happy dance}

I've also walked around the house to gather old plastic chairs that were given to us by my grandmother.  Yanno those plastic adirondack chairs that are EVERYWHERE!!!  Seriously, they sell them everywhere and in EVERY color imaginable.  Well, they get all icky and they don't clean well and you cannot really clean them with a Magic Eraser.  I learned the hard way.

Someone may want them so I started a Goodwill pile of them and the ones that are broken Superdad can break them up for the trash.  I've also given the baby swing-set to the neighbor for their little girl to use.  {They were supposed to get it last weekend?} 

It's nice having this huge purge. 

I won't mention that while trying to help bring the chairs around to the back of the house I fell.  The grass was wet with dew and down I went.  One leg that way and the other leg went the opposite way.  I hurt my knee and I felt my back SCREAM in pain.  Needless to say I was super sore for a few days in various places that weren't even hurting in the first place.

{just call me grace}

While stacking up the dirty icky plastic adirondack chairs I saw this green spot on one of the chair arms.  I thought it was a leaf.

It was not.

I caught the little guy and brought him in the house while yelling for the kids to get the butterfly house that I had a surprise for them!

We were all super excited!  Me most especially.  I was attached to this little green frog that hopped. 

Michelle Lee, The Adventures of Supermom{I think he became attached to me too.}

I promised the babies that I would see about keeping Spike {yes, I named him} and what we needed to do to care for him.

{The babies were throwing out all these cutesy names so I had to draw a line and name him Spike.  Spike is a nice strong name for such a lil guy.  Agree?}

As promised the next morning I went to the pet store to see about keeping our little addition to the family.  The nice animal guy started telling me everything that we would need to keep Spike alive and it all became a blur.  When he was finished I stood there and said, “So, today after school we are letting him go.”  He agreed it was the best decision.  Let him go or later on bury him.

I didn't want my girls to go through losing a pet and the sadness that entails.  They still mention that they miss Bunky, my brother-in-laws dog died over a year ago.  Been there and done that.

We let lil Spike go in the backyard between our house and the neighbors.  I had to nudge him to hop off into the leaves at the foot of a beautiful tree.

We will miss you Spike.  We love you.

Michelle Lee, The Adventures of Supermom

You were the best overnight guest.