My job is finished here. Stretching the pants.
You are Supermommy!

Michelle Lee @michelle unplugged
The leggings.
{I went looking for a picture.}
Ninja Gurl was going on a field trip and the kids were told to dress comfy for hiking so I told her that she needed to wear some pants in her chest of drawers.

I used to fold the clothes and meticulously arrange them in the drawers THEN I realized it was a waste of time because she would destroy it the first time she went looking for clothes.

I could use that time to enjoy a cup of coffee or read a book or even nap or vacuum the house.  Whatever.

So I have no idea what's in the drawers and I am surprised that she finds anything to wear at all!

After she went looking for pants she returned to the kitchen where I was working on breakfast and packing lunches with about five pairs of leggings that she likes.  She put on her favorite ones which and black and white stripes!  Totally adorable but a little small since last winter. 

She really wanted to wear those leggings.  What's a mommy to do? 

I took the leggings and put them on my legs and stretched them out for her just a little bit.

{It was hilarious.}

I gave them back to her and she put them on and they fit just right.

Then she said, “You are Supermommy.”.   I was so proud.  I took a bow in the kitchen.

“My job here is done.”

The things that we do for our children.  It's amazing.  We come up with crazy shit and just do it and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  But it's life and we live it.

The best way we know how.

Now I have another job and that's stretching leggings for Ninja Gurl to wear because I'm awesome like that.

She can always count on me to help fix whatever problem that may arise because I am Supermommy.