Friendship: A relationship of mutual affection between two or more people.
{An awesome guest post.}

First I must say I am honored to be asked to guest blog for Michelle.

Michelle and I met in middle school but we did not become best friends until high school. I moved back to Asheville during my junior year of high school to live with my grandparents because my home life sucked, I am sure Michelle and I bonded because we both lived with grandparents and we liked boys a lot.  Our friendship was filled with daily note passing, she used to make me word search notes, and they were the best! We sat with each other every day at lunch, met in the hallways between classes to gossip and pass more notes, talked on the phone every day after school and had sleep overs of which one of our grandparents had to drive us to as neither one of us drove and we both loved Madonna.

Christmas/Winter Break came around and I went to Boringburg, NC to visit my Mom and decided to stay. Throughout the year Michelle and I kept in touch and called as much as we could but back then long distance was expensive so that was not very often . Over the next couple of years we saw each other whenever I visited Asheville, we both met boys, she got married and had babies and I moved to the west coast with mine. We stayed in touch at first and then eventually we lost touch, over the years I thought of her and wondered how she was. 

Then through the magic of social media we found each other again around the time Ninja Gurl was born, we would Facebook occasionally, we talked once or twice and kept up with each other’s lives and families through Facebook.  I watched her kids grow up, and she watched me start a family with a new husband, I read her blog and she saw my thousands of pictures that I post of my kids. 

This year my husband and I moved back to NC (are you noticing that I have moved a few times) and when I got settled in Michelle and I saw each other in person for the first time in 17 or 18 years, OMG we picked right up where we had left off, no awkward pauses, no gaps in conversation, it is wonderful! 

Through the magic and convenience of social media, I have found my best friend and this time around she is stuck with me forever (I have no plans to move out of Asheville or the state) I am excited to watch our friendship blossom and grow as adult best friends and see what wine filled hijinks we can get ourselves into!

Please make me a word search note and ask Barry if we can have a sleepover, I will ask James to drive me over.

The Adventures of Supermom
One of my FAVORITE pictures that Laurrell has shared on Facebook.