Chimney Rock, North Carolina
With my bookbag.
Back in June I bought this beautiful Vera Bradley Bookbag so I could throw in my camera case and some purse stuff and then just hit the road. 

{Remember Superdad bought me an amazing camera for my 40th birthday in May and I LOVE taking pictures with it.}

But it was difficult lagging around a purse, camera bag while chasing two kids so a bookbag was the perfect idea. 

I love VB stuff and have a few of her bags and cosmetic bags and the such.  They are fun prints and go with anything.  So, ummmm, while buying this beautiful VB bookbag I noticed they had a cup w/straw that matched my bag and it was on SALE!


I bought it and have been using it for my water.  It's bigger than my regular cup and it has a top so I don't have to worry about it spilling.  Which has been prefect since I've been in bed not feeling well.  The babies will fill it up for me and then bring it back.  They've been the perfect nurses along with my husband, other kids, family and friends.

Don't think me shallow but I have always taken care of my face and still continue using products to take care of my face.  I notice little lines and pores every now and then so I will use whatever product there is to help fade those away.  I think I look pretty damn decent to be 40 and my skin is very healthy.  So, my point and I do have one, last weekend I was drinking from my cup with the straw and happened to pass the mirror in my bedroom.


The Adventures of Supermom, Michelle Lee

Sucking on the straw was starting to make very fine lines around my mouth.  Oh em gee!  I was like,


Lines!  Lines!  Lines!  NO WAY!  Lines!  Lines!

I immediately put down the cup with the straw and refuse to use one again. 

Superdad laughed.

I guess since I'd been using the cup for the past few months these lines were forming because of the straw use.

I've been using my facial cream extra around my mouth and haven't used a straw since.  The lines are fading away and now I'm not freaked out at the moment.

I still use my VB cup just without the straw. 

It's up to you if you want to take my advice but leave those straws alone.


No making fun of me now.  Instead enjoy this beautiful picture I took with my new camera.

Michelle Lee The Adventures of Supermom