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WatermarkWS - Protecting your Photographs.
The BEST online program you will ever find!}

WatermarkWSMonths ago I sent out a tweet “Copyright your Photographs.  Yay or Nay?” and got a few responses from different people with different opinions.  Some say it's important to do it to protect your pictures and some say no because people will take them for their personal use anyway.  Below are some amazing pictures that I snapped with my camera.  They are online without any form of watermark and it bothers me.  A bit.  So that's when I sent my tweet out to the WWW.

Birthday Flowers

Michelle Lee @ The Adventures of Supermom

Michelle Lee

Hubba Hubba BBQ, Flat Rock, NC

For me it's more of “This is my photograph.  See how pretty it is?  Go to my blog to see more.” type thing.  I take some pretty cool pictures and I love sharing them with my family, my friends and with you.

When I sent out my tweet I learned about this amazing online product!!!!  I've been using it ever since and after I tell you about it, you will be too!  Pinky promise.  The customer service is excellent and all of my questions have been answered.  I love it when I can email a company and get a reply that is friendly and helpful.

There are MILLIONS of reasons I love this program! 

*  You can batch mark!!  Perfect for when I've taken twenty flowers pictures while on a walk.
*  You can even use a company logo.  I'm working on designing mine.
*  You can customize EVERYTHING about your watermark.  Position.  Color.  Font.  Text. 

It's super easy to use!  I create a folder then upload my pictures.  After that I add my watermark then once the program has added the mark to my pictures I download the folder to my laptop and then my pictures are ready to use.  I am in the process of making a “how-to” video to show you how easy this is!!

Please check out this amazing program!!  WatermarkWS !!!  Even on Facebook Watermark Photos Online

Here are some of my watermarked pictures.

The Adventures of Supermom

The Adventures of Supermom

The Adventures of Supermom

The Adventures of Supermom

The Adventures of Supermom

Michelle Lee @The Aventures of Supermom

Michelle Lee @The Adventures of Supermom

Coffee & Heath Friendship Bread

Blue Ridge Parkway, Mount Mitchell

Blue Ridge Parkway, Mount Mitchell

Michelle Lee The Adventures of Supermom

Michelle Lee The Adventures of Supermom

Michelle Lee @ The Adventures of Supermom

**I wasn't paid to post this and the opinions expressed belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee.  I love this program!!!**

Friendship: A relationship of mutual affection between two or more people.
{An awesome guest post.}

First I must say I am honored to be asked to guest blog for Michelle.

Michelle and I met in middle school but we did not become best friends until high school. I moved back to Asheville during my junior year of high school to live with my grandparents because my home life sucked, I am sure Michelle and I bonded because we both lived with grandparents and we liked boys a lot.  Our friendship was filled with daily note passing, she used to make me word search notes, and they were the best! We sat with each other every day at lunch, met in the hallways between classes to gossip and pass more notes, talked on the phone every day after school and had sleep overs of which one of our grandparents had to drive us to as neither one of us drove and we both loved Madonna.

Christmas/Winter Break came around and I went to Boringburg, NC to visit my Mom and decided to stay. Throughout the year Michelle and I kept in touch and called as much as we could but back then long distance was expensive so that was not very often . Over the next couple of years we saw each other whenever I visited Asheville, we both met boys, she got married and had babies and I moved to the west coast with mine. We stayed in touch at first and then eventually we lost touch, over the years I thought of her and wondered how she was. 

Then through the magic of social media we found each other again around the time Ninja Gurl was born, we would Facebook occasionally, we talked once or twice and kept up with each other’s lives and families through Facebook.  I watched her kids grow up, and she watched me start a family with a new husband, I read her blog and she saw my thousands of pictures that I post of my kids. 

This year my husband and I moved back to NC (are you noticing that I have moved a few times) and when I got settled in Michelle and I saw each other in person for the first time in 17 or 18 years, OMG we picked right up where we had left off, no awkward pauses, no gaps in conversation, it is wonderful! 

Through the magic and convenience of social media, I have found my best friend and this time around she is stuck with me forever (I have no plans to move out of Asheville or the state) I am excited to watch our friendship blossom and grow as adult best friends and see what wine filled hijinks we can get ourselves into!

Please make me a word search note and ask Barry if we can have a sleepover, I will ask James to drive me over.

The Adventures of Supermom
One of my FAVORITE pictures that Laurrell has shared on Facebook.

What book are you reading?

I'm currently reading The Dinner by Herman Koch.

I like it so far.

Tell me what you are reading.

Michelle Lee, The Adventures of Supermom

Our Overnight Guest

Recently we took on a clean out the garage and basement project.  I was excited because there is so much crap down there than just needs to be throw away, donated to Goodwill or given to Habitat.  {happy dance}

I've also walked around the house to gather old plastic chairs that were given to us by my grandmother.  Yanno those plastic adirondack chairs that are EVERYWHERE!!!  Seriously, they sell them everywhere and in EVERY color imaginable.  Well, they get all icky and they don't clean well and you cannot really clean them with a Magic Eraser.  I learned the hard way.

Someone may want them so I started a Goodwill pile of them and the ones that are broken Superdad can break them up for the trash.  I've also given the baby swing-set to the neighbor for their little girl to use.  {They were supposed to get it last weekend?} 

It's nice having this huge purge. 

I won't mention that while trying to help bring the chairs around to the back of the house I fell.  The grass was wet with dew and down I went.  One leg that way and the other leg went the opposite way.  I hurt my knee and I felt my back SCREAM in pain.  Needless to say I was super sore for a few days in various places that weren't even hurting in the first place.

{just call me grace}

While stacking up the dirty icky plastic adirondack chairs I saw this green spot on one of the chair arms.  I thought it was a leaf.

It was not.

I caught the little guy and brought him in the house while yelling for the kids to get the butterfly house that I had a surprise for them!

We were all super excited!  Me most especially.  I was attached to this little green frog that hopped. 

Michelle Lee, The Adventures of Supermom{I think he became attached to me too.}

I promised the babies that I would see about keeping Spike {yes, I named him} and what we needed to do to care for him.

{The babies were throwing out all these cutesy names so I had to draw a line and name him Spike.  Spike is a nice strong name for such a lil guy.  Agree?}

As promised the next morning I went to the pet store to see about keeping our little addition to the family.  The nice animal guy started telling me everything that we would need to keep Spike alive and it all became a blur.  When he was finished I stood there and said, “So, today after school we are letting him go.”  He agreed it was the best decision.  Let him go or later on bury him.

I didn't want my girls to go through losing a pet and the sadness that entails.  They still mention that they miss Bunky, my brother-in-laws dog died over a year ago.  Been there and done that.

We let lil Spike go in the backyard between our house and the neighbors.  I had to nudge him to hop off into the leaves at the foot of a beautiful tree.

We will miss you Spike.  We love you.

Michelle Lee, The Adventures of Supermom

You were the best overnight guest.

My Hair {It changes ALL the time.}

I don't know if you remember this but in December of last year I buzzed most of my hair off.  Uh huh, yes I did.  I'm not joking!  I had no hair!!  Well, I had a little bit.  YES, I DID!!!  See!!!!

Michelle Lee, The Adventures of Supermom

Told ya I had no hair.  Didn't believe me did you? 

{gentle smile}

Well, I've been letting it grow and I like it.  It's soft and I think makes me look more feminine.  Know what I mean?  I can take the pins out and my hair will touch my neck and I can push it behind my ear.  It's all sexy and womanly.


Michelle Lee @michelleunplugged

Michelle Lee @michelle unplugged
Awwww, there's my necklace that I lost.

Michelle Lee

This is 40
My 40th Birthday!

The Adventures of Supermom, Michelle Lee


Chimney Rock, North Carolina
With my bookbag.
Back in June I bought this beautiful Vera Bradley Bookbag so I could throw in my camera case and some purse stuff and then just hit the road. 

{Remember Superdad bought me an amazing camera for my 40th birthday in May and I LOVE taking pictures with it.}

But it was difficult lagging around a purse, camera bag while chasing two kids so a bookbag was the perfect idea. 

I love VB stuff and have a few of her bags and cosmetic bags and the such.  They are fun prints and go with anything.  So, ummmm, while buying this beautiful VB bookbag I noticed they had a cup w/straw that matched my bag and it was on SALE!


I bought it and have been using it for my water.  It's bigger than my regular cup and it has a top so I don't have to worry about it spilling.  Which has been prefect since I've been in bed not feeling well.  The babies will fill it up for me and then bring it back.  They've been the perfect nurses along with my husband, other kids, family and friends.

Don't think me shallow but I have always taken care of my face and still continue using products to take care of my face.  I notice little lines and pores every now and then so I will use whatever product there is to help fade those away.  I think I look pretty damn decent to be 40 and my skin is very healthy.  So, my point and I do have one, last weekend I was drinking from my cup with the straw and happened to pass the mirror in my bedroom.


The Adventures of Supermom, Michelle Lee

My job is finished here. Stretching the pants.
You are Supermommy!

Michelle Lee @michelle unplugged
The leggings.
{I went looking for a picture.}
Ninja Gurl was going on a field trip and the kids were told to dress comfy for hiking so I told her that she needed to wear some pants in her chest of drawers.

I used to fold the clothes and meticulously arrange them in the drawers THEN I realized it was a waste of time because she would destroy it the first time she went looking for clothes.

I could use that time to enjoy a cup of coffee or read a book or even nap or vacuum the house.  Whatever.

So I have no idea what's in the drawers and I am surprised that she finds anything to wear at all!

After she went looking for pants she returned to the kitchen where I was working on breakfast and packing lunches with about five pairs of leggings that she likes.  She put on her favorite ones which and black and white stripes!  Totally adorable but a little small since last winter. 

She really wanted to wear those leggings.  What's a mommy to do? 

I took the leggings and put them on my legs and stretched them out for her just a little bit.

{It was hilarious.}

I gave them back to her and she put them on and they fit just right.

Then she said, “You are Supermommy.”.   I was so proud.  I took a bow in the kitchen.

“My job here is done.”

The things that we do for our children.  It's amazing.  We come up with crazy shit and just do it and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  But it's life and we live it.

The best way we know how.

Now I have another job and that's stretching leggings for Ninja Gurl to wear because I'm awesome like that.

She can always count on me to help fix whatever problem that may arise because I am Supermommy.

I suck at this.

Michelle Lee @The Adventures of Supermom

I suck at being a good patient.  I suck at asking for help.  I suck at relaxing.  I suck at being in pain.  I just suck.  I hurt myself again somehow.  I was getting better.  I was being rolfed once a week.  I had a private yoga session with the best yoga women in town.  I was working on a plan.  I was feeling better.  It was nice.

I still had limitations and wasn't able to do many things all at once.  I was taking Motrin when I needed it and I was feeling better pain wise.

Then all of a sudden it became worse again.  Over a week ago I started feeling really rough, it was the day my husband was going out of town for the night.  Putting one foot in front of the other to walk was extremely difficult.  I sucked it up and dealt with it the best way possible.  I didn't want him to miss his show so I didn't say anything.  I am the one who'd remove a bullet with a knife.  I think that's something he once said about me in a guest post.

So after I collected the two kids from school.  {My son was gone camping with scouts so I had ZERO help.  Sniff sniff.}

I took the babies to the store and we picked up junk food and two movies along with some Bayer for back pain for me.  All I wanted to do was curl up in the fetal position and cry but I didn't.  I made a lovely dinner for us, set up snacks in the living room and we watched both Night at the Museum movies.  {In memory of Robin Williams.}

The Adventures of Supermom, Michelle Lee

Throwback Thursday #TT
{My handsome boy having fun.}

Pigeon Forge - B2 slide

People Come Into Your Life For Various Reasons
{With Pictures, duh!}

Michelle Lee, The Adventures of SupermomLong ago in school I had a friend named Laurrell.  {No, I am not using an alias to protect her identity.}

I really don't recall much about high school because I blocked it out.  I had a hard home life when I lived with my mom and then I had a hard life as a teenage girl.  Being a teenage girl is extremely difficult. 

Because I was one once no matter what my kids may believe.

I don't know if I was a good friend or a shit friend in school.  Only the people that knew me can answer that question.  I don't even know if I want to know the answer to that question.  I was probably self absorbed and thought the world revolved around me.  {Like all kids.}

But I do remember Laurrell in my life and I liked it a lot.  When we first met I was living in a trailer in Leicester next to this horrible girl who used to bully me.  Yeah, I had a bully.  I've written about the experience once before on this blog somewhere.  I was terrified of this girl because she made my life miserable.  So yeah I think bullies suck and should be told to eff off.  I get so sad when I hear about bullying because I was a victim of it.  {another story}

So Laurrell and her mom were kind to me.  People remember kindness and I remember Laurrell and her mom welcoming me into their home.  It was good.  I can still remember going to her grandparents house now that I think about it.  {My memory is pretty bad.}

Michelle Lee, The Adventures of Supermom

What book are you reading?
J. D. Salinger and Salley Vickers

Michelle Lee @michelle unpluggedI've been having a difficult time finishing a book the past few months.  I have several with bookmarks in them and I just didn't know which one to read and finish.  I was stuck.  I even had trouble on vacation!  Last year at the beach I finished Anna Karenina and it was truly a wonderful vacation read.  {Nodding}  So yeah, I didn't finish a book over the summer, I don't think so. 

Looking back I did finish Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger but that was in April.  Not really summer reading.  I had picked up the book for fifty cents at the library and read it in no time.  The book depressed me for some strange reason.

Perhaps I felt sorry for Franny for trying to follow a certain path while trying to say the Jesus Prayer that it was causing a breakdown.  While reading the book I tried a few times to repeat part of the prayer over and over and over again and I just couldn't do it.

“Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.”

The Jesus Prayer involves internalizing the prayer "Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me" to a point where, in a manner similar to a Zen koan, it becomes unconscious, almost like a heartbeat.

Franny was unable to have this prayer part of her like the sound of her heartbeat and it was causing her much angst thankfully she had her older brother Zooey to help. 

Zooey reminded me of myself, or I am wishful thinking because I think Zooey is awesome.  The way he spoke really did remind me of myself.  I can remember taking pictures of the book thinking “Yep, I'd totally say that” and then giggle out loud.

I think all Mondays feel like this.

It's Pretty Simple

A few weeks ago, in August, I made all four kids a Back to School goodie bag to celebrate their first week of school.  Because it is celebrate worthy.

For the Babies I made them a Flower Hairband.  It was super simple and FUN!

I found some pretty flowers in the wrapping section at the grocery store and hairbands in the shampoo aisle.

The Adventures of Supermom

Just glue the flowers to the band and voila! you have pretty hairbands!!!!

The Adventures of Supermom

The Adventures of Supermom

The Adventures of Supermom

Yes, it is that simple and so so easy.

Enjoy!  Make some hairbands for your little one.