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Friendship: A relationship of mutual affection between two or more people.
{An awesome guest post.}

What book are you reading?

Our Overnight Guest

My Hair {It changes ALL the time.}

Throwback Thursday #TT
{This one time I went on vacation right after having my fourth child with my family.}

Wordless Wednesday #WW
Watching the sun set with my honey.

My love, my baby love. I need you, oh how I need you!

Just sit back and enjoy the picture.
Mount Mitchell


My job is finished here. Stretching the pants.
You are Supermommy!

I suck at this.

Throwback Thursday #TT
{My handsome boy having fun.}

Wordless Wednesday #WW

People Come Into Your Life For Various Reasons
{With Pictures, duh!}

What book are you reading?
J. D. Salinger and Salley Vickers

I think all Mondays feel like this.

It's Pretty Simple

My New Favorite Picture
{Yes, I did take it. Asheville, NC}

Office Depot and the Office Depot Foundation will have given away more than 3.3 million backpacks and sackpacks since the National Backpack Program began in 2001!

Throwback Thursday #TT
This one time I had my first baby.

Master Lock Makes Safety and Security Picture Perfect for Back-to-School

Wordless Wednesday #WW

Ice Cream Surprise Friendship Bread Recipe
Who doesn't like ice cream??

Peanut Butter with Sprinkles Friendship Bread Recipe
{The Kids LOVE it!}

Retiring from The Adventures of Supermom
{Going Back to Basics}

Labor Day Holiday
Mount Mitchell with the family.

Butterscotch & Pecan Friendship Bread Recipe

Gluten Free - Pistachio Chocolate Friendship Bread Recipe
The Adventures of Supermom

Getting our nails painted.
{Back to School Treat}

I'm Excited! {Best Mamaw Ever!}

{Recipe} *Strawberry Cheesecake Friendship Bread*

Coffee & Heath Friendship Bread