Vertical Entertainment Proudly Presents Ace Wonder
Family-Friendly Mystery on DVD August 19, 2014

Ace WonderA young detective is on the case for adventure in the junior film noir Ace Wonder, coming to DVD Aug. 19 from Vertical Entertainment.

Struggling to find a storyline for his latest crime novel on a rainy day, 10-year-old sleuth Ace Wonder, P.I., stumbles across a real case. There’s no smoking gun or dark alley, only unanswered questions that might scare off the average kid … but Ace lives to unravel baffling mysteries and save the day!

In this junior film noir, Ace ducks his mom and risks life and growing limbs to embark on a sleuthing adventure that also helps repair the tattered relationship between a father and son who must face a haunting family history.

A simple mystery soon becomes fraught with espionage and danger as the boys employ scientific ingenuity to track down clues from beyond the grave … and there’s never a dull moment for this peewee Sherlock Homes!

**I wasn't paid to post this release.  We were excited to receive an advanced DVD screener!  Since I've been recovering from a back injury we gathered in my bed and watched Ace Wonder on my laptop.  I found it very interesting and was pleased that Lil O and Ninja Gurl enjoyed it as much as I did.  Both girls gave it TWO THUMBS up.  So do I! 

Thank you Vertical Entertainment!!!**