The Adventures of Supermom
Back to School Treats

The Adventures of SupermomYou are never too old to get a treat from your parents for making it through your first week of school. It doesn't matter if you are 6, 9, 16 and 20. {Or not even born yet.}

I've always been one of those parents to include notes in bookbags, lunchboxes and even notebooks. I just want them to know that mommy loves them even when they aren't close by. Yanno?

The other day I had to make a big grocery store visit to buy Friendship Bread baking supplies so I thought I'd better get a few things to surprise the kids since they managed a week at school without a hitch. {Well, except Ninja Gurl missing half a day Friday for not feeling well.}

So it starts, the school germs and sickness things.

I picked up some cute stuff and some silly stuff for the kids. Let me show you what I did so you can get some super silly ideas to make your kids some.

For Ninja I found Princess Stickers, a paper umbrella, hairbows and I even made her a special hairbow because I glued a flower on it.

For Lovely O I added Princess Stickers, paper umbrella, hairbows and even a super special hairbow with a flower I glued on.

My sons turned into a silly one with a Hot Wheels Car, Lite-Up Sword {with sound} Key Chain and some Hubba Bubba Chewing Gum.

H had to share her bath with the baby in her belly.  For H I added a bath beads and a pretty Flower Pin and for the unborn baby I added a rattle because they've both had a tiring week of school.

The Adventures of Supermom