Parenting Advice – Earring Pain is {very} REAL!
The Adventures of Supermom

I got my ears pierced. Recently I put these super cute lil opal earrings in the third hole in my adorable ears.  Don't worry I'm not having some “moment” and collecting holes in my ear, I've had this third hole since I was a teen and over time I graduated to a big girl and started only wearing one pair of earrings instead of three.

{I was actually bored in bed, imagine that, looking at my earrings and thought they'd be perfect for my long forgotten about third hole in my ears.}

So I sort of pushed them through.

It hurt.

It hurt a lot.

All day my ears ached and I was beginning to doubt my decision.

My poor ears.

Then I began to think about my babies and when they got their ears pierced.

“Oh honey, it's only going to hurt when you get them!!!! I promise, this is the hard part.”

It's total BULLSHIT!

Complete BULLSHIT!

My ears hurt.

They hurt so bad that I actually took them out.

Then I realized that my girls couldn't just take theirs out so I put them back in.

For my girls.

The Adventures of SupermomHonestly I felt so bad for lying to my babies, it was something I just didn't remember.  My ears hurt when I twisted the earrings and to sleep on my soft comfy pillow.

I will get through this.

In pain.

My poor poor babies.

I am so sorry I lied to them.  Telling them they were making a big deal when it came time to clean the earrings and twist them.

My ears hurt and throb.

Insert huge pouty face here.

{Shaking my head.}

Now you've heard Supermom tell you how I feel about the WHOLE earring situation.