Del Vecchios Italian in Asheville, North Carolina

I just have one question.  Okay, maybe three or four or ten.

How come we didn't know about Del Vecchios sooner?????  Yeah, it is in a laundry mat but who am I to judge??  Who wouldn't want a fantastic meal while washing their darks??  That's what I'm sayin'.  Enjoy a glass of wine and some fettuccine.  Said in my best italian accent. 

A friend of ours told us about your amazing food so we immediately got take out to try!!!!  My Prosciutto and Peas Fettuccine was so creamy and tasty and yummy.  The salad was almost too pretty to eat.  Almost.  Even both desserts I've tried were delicious.  Yes, I've had TWO!  We did get take out there twice in three days......

{You must try the Chocolate Chip Cannoli!}

Don't judge me!  Remember I am recovering from a back injury.

We will probably get take-out again this week.  Yummy!

Michelle Lee The Adventures of Supermom
Prosciutto and Peas Fettuccine

Michelle Lee The Adventures of Supermom
Garden Salad

Michelle Lee The Adventures of Supermom
Chocolate Mousse

**I was not paid to post this nor was I given a discount.  I'm just sharing with you an amazing meal!  You're welcome.**