Turning 40 Has Never Been So Much Fun {A have a goal for each month!}

 I've been working on my list and I've been doing some out of order.  Oops.  Sorry about that.  I've had a wonderful time working on them even if I'm not doing them in order.  Enjoy!

January – Read a Good Book

I did!  I finished Ulysses by James Joyce.

February – Make Something

I did!  I made a beautiful comfy shawl for myself.

March – Write A Poem

I did!  I wrote a poem for my husband.

April – Draw A Picture

I drew TWO!!!!

May – Plant A Garden With My Husband

I did sort of plant a few things.  Flowers, basil, cilantro, tomatoes and assorted other seeds.  They are doing rather well! 

June – Nap On The Beach  CHECK!

Michelle Lee, Folly Beach and Charleston, SC

Watch My Kids Play In The Ocean And Collect Shells  CHECK!

Michelle Lee, Folly Beach and Charleston, SC

Take A Walk On The Beach With My Husband While Holding Hands  CHECK! 

July – Catch Fireflies With My Babies

August – Start Making Christmas Gifts 

I am crocheting the hens their throws for Christmas.  I finished my one and it's beautiful.

Crocheting A Throw
For Mamaw.

September – Create A Recipe

October – Make Sophie A Halloween Costume

November – Celebrate TEN Years Of Blogging.  Maybe Even Have A Blog Party!!!!!!!!!!!

December – Cook Dinner For My Family

I had the family over to enjoy Chicken Pasta, Peas, Salad and Birthday Cake.  I will be doing it again soon.