The Adventures of Supermom is on day 33 of being in bed.

Sorry I haven't written any personal gut wrenching posts lately or offer any parenting advice or even shared a yummy recipe.  I'm a bad bad blogger.  {This is where I hang my head in shame and beg for your forgiveness.}  The title says it all.

Day 33 of bed rest.  But can you really call it bed rest??  More like 33 days of binge watching Dexter, crocheting throws for Christmas gifts, lots of coffee drinking and pain meds, silence, book reading, sudoku puzzles, crossword puzzles, Wendy's Cheeseburgers, kids bumping the bed and making LOTS of Bitstrips.

Bitstrips are rather fun and funny!

Now I am currently binging on Orange is the New Black.  It's funny!  A whole different show than Dexter that's for sure.  Oh oh oh, I made up this sandwich.  It may seen odd but it's rather tasty so you should try it.  You heat up some green beans, slice a juice ripe tomato, two slices of bread and some mayo.  Make a sandwich with all of the above and add salt and pepper.  Before you say EWWWWWE you have to try it.

You will like it.  I've had two this week with some green beans from the market that my Mamaw cooked and brought over for dinner.

That's another thing!  My Mamaw and Great Aunt K have brought dinner over twice and my church brought over food for dinner and snacks for the girls.  I, WE, appreciated it so much.  

I guess that's enough of an update for now not that there's much more to tell you.  I will leave you with something adorable!!!!!!

The pregnant daughter was here yesterday, she's here A LOT because she works close and will soon be back at UNCA in a few weeks and that's close too, and she was explaining to Ninja Gurl that she is fifteen weeks pregnant and now the baby can hear things going on around it.  Soooooo, NG leaned over to H's pregnant belly and said this,

"Hey, I'm Ninja Gurl.  I'm talking to you."

Michelle Lee
Around 15 Weeks