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You just never know what will pop out of my mouth.

Someone needs to take my phone before I make comics all night. 

Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee

Home sweet home. Lunch out and craft store. You?

Welcome to the working world Ben {my son}! You will be awesome today!

The rain came, we lost power, the sun is shining and the power is back on.

Dear Ice Packs, I love you. Michelle

I went to see my doc this morning. I love her. Everyone needs an awesome psychiatrist.

Mamaw's blanket is finished. Pics tomorrow cause I cannot move.

I think I might go crazy with all of this noise. They've been building a house across the street for MONTHS!!!!! The beep beep beep is about to do me in. And now I hear a chainsaw. Twitch. Beep beep beep. I wonder if I could send new people a bill for a spa day when their house is finished.

Gi Gi or GG is at the TOP of my list. It can stand for Gorgeous Grandma. Just sayin'. GG suits me. Or Lovie. I would love it for my grandbaby to call me Lovie. Okay, Lovie is at the top of my list. Opinions?

Trying to think of names for the grandbaby to call me. {big smile}

Up. With coffee. You?

Hurts. To. Move.

A funny for you. 

Michelle Lee

I love the smell of rain

My sister came by. Had a lovely time. Miss her already.

Crocheting. You?

The babies had Skittles today on our car trip to Chimney Rock.
Ninga Gurl was finished with hers so she gave them to me. I put them in my lap to enjoy while driving to the music enjoying the mountains.
The bag ripped and they spilled all in my lap.
I told my oldest that my crotch was full of Skittles. To which she replied without missing a beat, "Taste the Rainbow" which is the Skittles slogan.
She's pretty funny! She gets that from me.

Who would have thought that ME, MICHELLE SEALEY LEE, would hike two amazing trails!?!?!?! Sadly, my sciatica nerve wasn't too terribly happy and tomorrow will be spent on ice bags but it was totally worth it.

I had a wonderful day with my four children at Chimney Rock. Pictures to come.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day with their family. I did. I'm so blessed and I am thankful.