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Throwback Thursday #TT

Crochet Cupcake
I used to crochet lots of cupcakes for tea sets.  It was fun.

The Adventures of Supermom is on day 33 of being in bed.

Sorry I haven't written any personal gut wrenching posts lately or offer any parenting advice or even shared a yummy recipe.  I'm a bad bad blogger.  {This is where I hang my head in shame and beg for your forgiveness.}  The title says it all.

Day 33 of bed rest.  But can you really call it bed rest??  More like 33 days of binge watching Dexter, crocheting throws for Christmas gifts, lots of coffee drinking and pain meds, silence, book reading, sudoku puzzles, crossword puzzles, Wendy's Cheeseburgers, kids bumping the bed and making LOTS of Bitstrips.

Bitstrips are rather fun and funny!

Now I am currently binging on Orange is the New Black.  It's funny!  A whole different show than Dexter that's for sure.  Oh oh oh, I made up this sandwich.  It may seen odd but it's rather tasty so you should try it.  You heat up some green beans, slice a juice ripe tomato, two slices of bread and some mayo.  Make a sandwich with all of the above and add salt and pepper.  Before you say EWWWWWE you have to try it.

You will like it.  I've had two this week with some green beans from the market that my Mamaw cooked and brought over for dinner.

That's another thing!  My Mamaw and Great Aunt K have brought dinner over twice and my church brought over food for dinner and snacks for the girls.  I, WE, appreciated it so much.  

I guess that's enough of an update for now not that there's much more to tell you.  I will leave you with something adorable!!!!!!

The pregnant daughter was here yesterday, she's here A LOT because she works close and will soon be back at UNCA in a few weeks and that's close too, and she was explaining to Ninja Gurl that she is fifteen weeks pregnant and now the baby can hear things going on around it.  Soooooo, NG leaned over to H's pregnant belly and said this,

"Hey, I'm Ninja Gurl.  I'm talking to you."

Michelle Lee
Around 15 Weeks

Yeah, I said that on Facebook.

So I just finished watching Dexter. Binge watching complete. WOW. I will have to process now and think.

Watching the series finale of Dexter. Morning. I'm not feeling good and I'm in a bad mood.

I just enjoyed a banana and mayo sammich. Yummy!

Now that my son is back from Mission Camp {last week} he is at Old Navy working on training today. Best of luck today Ben!

{Wednesday} Day 11 - Taking time to buy myself two pretty bracelets. I am worth it. #100daysofhappiness #day10 {Thursday} Day 12 - Eating all the cream out of the Oreo cookies and not telling anyone. #100daysofhappiness #day11 {Friday} Day 13 - My son Ben helping me when I need it most. #100daysofhappiness #day13

Depressed. Last night I helped Ninja Gurl with washing her hair. Then I was up and down all night hurting because of it. I. Cannot. Stand. This. I'm going to scream later. Just ignore me. xoxox

Going stir crazy.

Dear Michelle,
Don't ever let your email get that bad! EVER!

Dinner time. Take out from Marco's Pizzeria. Thank you honey for my yummy dinner.

No fussing but I tidied up a little bit around the house. I couldn't stand it anymore and had to get up and move around some. Nothing major but it felt nice to move the body. Back in bed with ice. How have you been?

On bed with yarn. Dexter. Bitstrips.

Day 10 - Reading a good book before bed. #100daysofhappiness #day10

Just went out on the front porch. It was nice.

So thankful. Grace Episcopal Church has brought some amazing people in my life. The church brought over food and Becky brought the girls Pringles. That's there fave!!!! — feeling blessed.

I'm going to slowly get up and feed the kids and get another cup of coffee.

Day 9 - Yarn to create with. #100daysofhappiness #day9

"Strange invitations may be dancing lessons from God. - Sufi saying."

Home from the chiropractor and the post office. Back in bed with laptop and yarn. How are you?

Crocheting. You?

Morning. I've hobbled into the kitchen to heat bagels and english muffins and pour cereal. I've got coffee, meds and laptop in bed. This is where I will be today.

Am. Grouchy.
Really. I. Am. Grouchy!!!!
I. Need. Chocolate. Vodka. Chips. Ice cream. Vodka. Vodka flavored ice cream with chocolate chips?

The doc warned me my meds would make me obsessive for first two days. He was right. I had to tidy up my space in the bedroom. I've been eating everything in sight. I now want more coffee and another English muffin. Who will get it for me? I even went through the book pile on my nightstand.

In bed crocheting. I want my laptop but it's over there. ~~~~》

Yes I love bitstrips.

Day 6: My nine year old putting ice on my back and holding my hand. Even making her baby sister a sandwich for lunch. #100Daysofhappiness #day6

Top of the Monk and Lex 18
{Life in Asheville, NC}

Few weeks ago I met two lovely ladies for drinks and food.  Here are some pictures from the night.

Michelle Lee, July 5, 2014
The view from Top of the Monk.

Michelle Lee, July 5, 2014

Michelle Lee, July 5, 2014

Thank you.

I want to give a big hug and kiss to all those sending good healing vibes and prayers my way.

This is around day 25 of being in a bed due to my back.

Quick Update:

I've been seeing a doctor.  Just finished a round of steroids.

I am seeing a chiropractor.  Magic hands are helping.

People are bringing food, even my church, and I am thankful.

I've been getting emails, texts and calls and they makes me better.

I've been in a funk due to feeling helpless.

It sucks.

It will get better.

Thank you!


Throwback Thursday #TT
Cart Racing Derby?

Michelle Lee

NCircle Entertainment GIVEAWAY!
{Education that Educates!}

NCircle Entertainment

Summer is (finally) here!  To celebrate, NCircle Entertainment, whose mission is to provide “Education that Educates,” is giving away a generous array of enriching DVDs that will be sure to have young kids entertained and inspired! I have a HUGE giveaway including SIX brand new titles!

{The suggested retail value for the 10 DVD prize package is $100.}

The new DVDs are:
* Sid the Science Kid: Now That’s Using Your Brain!
Sid discovers that the brain controls all kinds of actions such as walking, thinking and breathing and wants to learn more about how it works.

* Octonauts: Calling All Sharks
Join the Octonauts aboard the Octopod as they come face to face with a trio of pesky Cookiecutter sharks, look after an injured Lemon shark and stop a Whitetip shark who is chasing the Gup-A!

* Octonauts: Meet the Octonauts
Join the Octonauts as they explore the world’s oceans, rescue the creatures who live there, and protect their habitats above and below the waves!

* The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That: Let’s Go on an Adventure
When the Cat eats the last chocolate, Nick and Sally must fly to Coco-a-licious to restock their supply. But princess Lotta-Chocka's helpers are away. Join the Cat and the kids as they make chocolate today!

* The Wiggles: Hot Potatoes! The Best of the Wiggles
The beloved and wildly successful children’s entertainment group has finally released a collection of their most popular songs, including Big Red Car, Toot Toot Chugga Chugga, The Monkey Dance and much more. 

* WordWorld: Hide and Seek!
Join the WordFriends and play a game of Hide and Seek! In this special game, the friends have to hide behind WordThings that end in “ake." BUG builds a RAKE, and PIG builds a CAKE. But SHARK is so big that it s hard for him to find a good hiding place.

The ten DVDs you can win are:
1.       Mike the Knight: Knight in Training (SRP $12.99)
2.       Octonauts: Meet the Octonauts! (SRP $6.99)
3.       Octonauts: Calling All Sharks! (SRP $12.99)
4.       Sid the Science Kid: Backyard Campout (SRP $6.99)
5.       Sid the Science Kid: Now That’s Using Your Brain (SRP $10.99)
6.       Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic Goes Green (SRP $6.99)
7.       The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That: Let’s Go on an Adventure (SRP $10.99)
8.       The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That: Ocean Commotion (SRP $9.99)
9.       WordWorld: Hide and Seek! (SRP $6.99)
10.     The Wiggles: Hot Potatoes! The Best of the Wiggles (SRP $12.99)

**I wasn't paid to post this.  I was sent the above DVDs for FREE to host the giveaway!  Thanks to our awesome sponsor, NCircle Entertainment.**

Taking a Lil Walk
{Recovering from a back injury.}

I need to take a short walk each day for my back so I loaded the girls up in the mini van, drove across the street, parked and walked a bit at the lake.  I had my camera but forgot the memory card in my laptop.  Alotta good that did me.  Thanks to technology I was able to take a few pictures.


Michelle Lee
Beaver Lake, Asheville, NC

Michelle Lee

Wordless Wednesday
Father's Day {We were at Folly Beach}

Michelle Lee Folly Beach
That's what I call an amazing Father's Day.  The beach while enjoying
guacamole and tacos at Taco Boy.

Michelle Lee Folly Beach
With delicious margaritas.
Oh, that was me who enjoyed two of those.

Turning 40 Has Never Been So Much Fun {A have a goal for each month!}

 I've been working on my list and I've been doing some out of order.  Oops.  Sorry about that.  I've had a wonderful time working on them even if I'm not doing them in order.  Enjoy!

January – Read a Good Book

I did!  I finished Ulysses by James Joyce.

February – Make Something

I did!  I made a beautiful comfy shawl for myself.

March – Write A Poem

I did!  I wrote a poem for my husband.

April – Draw A Picture

I drew TWO!!!!

May – Plant A Garden With My Husband

I did sort of plant a few things.  Flowers, basil, cilantro, tomatoes and assorted other seeds.  They are doing rather well! 

June – Nap On The Beach  CHECK!

Michelle Lee, Folly Beach and Charleston, SC

Watch My Kids Play In The Ocean And Collect Shells  CHECK!

Michelle Lee, Folly Beach and Charleston, SC

Take A Walk On The Beach With My Husband While Holding Hands  CHECK! 

July – Catch Fireflies With My Babies

August – Start Making Christmas Gifts 

I am crocheting the hens their throws for Christmas.  I finished my one and it's beautiful.

Crocheting A Throw
For Mamaw.

September – Create A Recipe

October – Make Sophie A Halloween Costume

November – Celebrate TEN Years Of Blogging.  Maybe Even Have A Blog Party!!!!!!!!!!!

December – Cook Dinner For My Family

I had the family over to enjoy Chicken Pasta, Peas, Salad and Birthday Cake.  I will be doing it again soon.

Monthly Header in Pictures

I'm a picture taking freak and take A LOT of pictures!

A LOT of pictures!!!


I post them here, on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Pinterest.  Have you seen my pictures?

Pretty good huh?

So I decided that each month I will change my header to reflect the pictures that I have taken in the previous month.

Right now you are seeing a few pictures that were taken in the past four weeks.  Three are from Flat Rock, one from downtown Asheville, two from the beach and one from a walk in my neighborhood.

I hope that you enjoy my headers and most of all enjoy the pictures.

July Header

Summer Break - What will I do with these kids?
Chimney Rock, North Carolina
WARNING! Lots of pictures.

You load them in the mini van, stop to fill up the tank, get bottled water and hit the road.  We spent the day in Chimney Rock hiking two amazingly beautiful trails.

First : Skyline Trail.
This trail to us to the highest point.  LOTS OF STEPS!!!  Whew.

Second:  Lunch at the Sky Lounge

Third:  Hickory Nut Falls Trail.
This trail ended at the bottom of a beautiful 404-foot waterfall.  Beautiful.  Amazing.

Fourth:  Milkshakes!!!

Enjoy my pictures. 

Chimney Rock, North Carolina

Chimney Rock, North Carolina

Hubba Hubba BBQ in Flat Rock, North Carolina
{It was DELICIOUS!!!}

Recently my husband wanted to go on a field trip to Flat Rock, North Carolina to try a BBQ place that he had read about called Hubba Hubba.  The article in the paper praised Hubba Hubba as having the best BBQ and we all LOVE a good BBQ Sandwich with sauce dripping down are arms just out of our tongues reach.

We gathered the troops, two kids, in the mini van and made the drive armed with camera.  Enjoy.  Sorry I didn't give you some tasty BBQ to try but that would be hard to share in the WWW world.  You'll just have to visit a Hubba Hubba BBQ place near you!

Don't forget extra napkins before you sit down.

Hubba Hubba BBQ, Flat Rock, NC

Hubba Hubba BBQ, Flat Rock, NC

The Adventures of Supermom on LIVE TV.

The Adventures of Supermom
Click picture to see video segment.

Considering there was a mix up and there were no samples of the foods I was going to talk about available, I think I did rather well winging it.  I mentioned all four products and I was pleased. 

How did Supermom do under pressure? 

It hit me. There will be five generations soon.

I know that my daughter has told me she is pregnant and I've seen pictures of this tiny human being in her womb but it still hadn't hit me.





None of the above.

I knew it to be true though. Yanno?

Last Thursday, three days ago, I went to the doctor with her. They did an ultrasound and I saw my grandbaby. We saw it's teeny tiny heart beat on the monitor. I felt this overwhelming sense of love and devotion for this little one. It was amazing.

Michelle Lee

I'm going to be a grandmother and I am thrilled. I'm blessed and I am thankful.

Now, what do I want this bundle of joy to call me???

What book are you reading?

Michelle Lee @michelle unpluggedBooks I have with bookmarks in them.

{no laughing}

I made a list.

{I said no laughing!}

My list:

The Ballad of the Sade Cafe

The Yiddish Policemen's Union

A Confederacy of Dunces

Of Human Bondage

The Power and the Glory

The Brothers Karamazov

The Idiot

War and Peace

Atlas Shrugged

The End of the Affair

I know that is a vast assortment of literature but that's what I like about it.  A few of those I will have to start from the beginning because they were Pre-Ulysses.  I like that, Pre-Ulysses.  It suits life because for six months I read and studied Ulysses.  “Oh yeah, I did that Pre-Ulysses.”

And I've marked a couple off the list to not finish or at least hold off on.

IE:  Of Human Bondage and Atlas Shrugged.

Right now I am focused on finishing one book at a time so I will get  A Confederacy of Dunces read over the weekend if not sooner.  It is a rather amusing book and I've laughed out loud several times while shaking my head.  It was even sweeter seeing this book at B & N on the “Everyone Must Read” table.  {I had bought my copy weeks earlier.}

I don't know why I have so many books with bookmarks in them.  Perhaps I just need an appropriate book for a certain time or experience at that moment in time.  Nodding.  That has to be it.  It's nice knowing that each books brings me a little bit of pleasure and I can just pick it up at any moment and be there again.

What are you currently reading?

Wordless Wednesday #WW

Michelle Lee
Blow and make a wish.