The things I learned while my child attended a Montessori School.

My youngest recently graduated from kindergarten at a local Montessori school.  Let me add here that what I am about to share was not taught at her school and she could have picked this up at any school with her friends.

We love our Montessori schools and very thankful our girls attend them.

With me being a blogger – ugh, the dreaded B word – I have to share some awesome things we've been hearing the past few weeks from Ninja Gurl.

{Remember, it could happen to anyone.}

Ninja Gurl will be referred to as Innocent Child during the rest of this post.

Innocent Child – I'm not going to get married.  I'm just going to live with my boyfriend so we can kiss all the time.

Panic Stricken Mom {that's me} – Huh?

Innocent Child – I'm not going to get married because I don't want to have babies.  I'm just going to live with my boyfriend.

Panic Stricken Mom – You don't have to have babies just because you get married.

Innocent Child – You don't?  I just tell him I don't want babies?

Panic Stricken Mom – Sure!  {Needing a drink at this point.}  You have to get married before you live with a boy or have a baby.

Innocent Child – I do?

Panic Stricken Mom – YES!

Innocent Child – Where do babies come from?

Panic Stricken Mom – Your girly parts.

{Yes, scare them straight!!!  Damn, right, your girly parts!}

Next day...

Innocent Child – My friend said you are wrong that you can live with a boy and not be married.

Panic Stricken Mom – No you cannot!

Innocent Child – Why?

Panic Stricken Mom – Because I said so!



Anonymous said…
Oh if it were only that simple
Supermom said…
It can be :)