I'm obsessed with James Spader.
{It's really not a bad thing.}

The BlacklistI absolutely love James Spader! Like James Spader now! Not the skinny younger version from 2 Days in the Valley not that he's unattractive there but he's not my type in that movie.

He's more my type in Secretary!!!! Hell, he even plays a man named Mr. Grey!!! Those silly “sex” books 50 Shades of Grey have NOTHING on James Spader. He was sexy and hot long before those books were written. Perhaps that's where she got her idea!

{One night she was watching Secretary and was all hot and bothered watching Mr. Grey spank Lee over his desk.}

Yeah, I may have to watch that movie again like SOON!!!!!

I'm a bit sidetracked now and it's all his fault!!!!


James Spader.


Focus Michelle!

So when he joined The Practice I was super excited and admit it was the only time I watched the show! His character suited him! Most all of the characters he portrays suit him. Let me clarify, all of the characters I have seen him portray have suited him.

Alan Shore was a cocky handsome attorney who had the best one liners and facial expressions. It made women from all over the world want to beg Mr. Alan Shore Grey to bend them over a desk to spank them while correcting their grammar with a red pen!!!


Thankfully Boston Legal came along with James and SHATNER! Those two made the show!!! I can still remember them snuggling in bed in one episode and fighting over Shirley Schmidt's cheer-leading outfit in another episode!!! Another favorite of mine, Candice Bergen!!! {Oh, the Murphy Brown days!}

I do have a point somewhere in this post!

My new FAVORITE SHOW EVER is The Blacklist. I've been enjoying James Spader for many many years and each time a new show comes out that he's in, I get butterflies! I know that whatever drama he will be in will be excellent. I've watched Raymond Reddington from the very first day! You just know that no matter what Red is going to come out on top and it's going to be fantastic!

{And we know he's going to be impeccably dressed wearing a hat.}

The show has had us on the edge of the couch for the whole season and I know we've all got our favorite episodes. Most episodes made us glad that Red is on our side {we hope} and there have been ones that made you speechless, The Stewmaker for example. The whole storyline with Elizabeth and Tom, Tom and Red, Elizabeth and Red. Is Tom really a bad guy or a good guy and is he still alive? {Of course he is!!!!} Is Red really her father? Is the picture of the girl in the pocket watch {Red took the same picture from the Stewmaker's book} Elizabeth's mom? Making Berlin her grandfather? But if the Stewmaker killed her then there wouldn't have been body parts to send one by one to Berlin while he was held captive???

So many unanswered questions and we will really won't know the answers until they tell us in season two. I look forward to season two for another reason as well – the music!!! The show has the best music ever!!!!!

I don't know how many seasons that they can make of The Blacklist and it be an excellent drama, I just know that I will be watching it.

{While drooling over James Spader.}

James Spader, Esquire Magazine
James Spader in Esquire. 
I pulled it out of the magazine and it's framed on my desk.  :)


smudge said…
I had to response to your blog. I too am obsessed with James Spader. And yes, the James Spader of now not then. He was a handsome young man, but the last ten years... wow... eat him right up. OMG.
Love your blog... just great!
smudge said…
I too am obsesses with James Spader. And yes, the James Spader now not then. He was very handsome young man, but not my type. He sure is now... Wow so sexy I could eat him up... not many people illicit this response from me... actually not any I can recall lol.... Great blog... he truly is an incredible actor.. and yummy too lol
Supermom said…
INNO!!!! I could eat him up!

I wish he could have my baby!!

Thank you for the comments!!!

Nice to know people read my rambling about James Spader.