Getting Sober After Vacation
{What do you mean I cannot drink those fruity drinks all day now that we are home?}

Michelle Lee
Zia Taqueria - Asheville
While on vacation I splurge and drink an adult alcoholic beverage when we go out to eat, lunch and/or dinner.  I've really been enjoying the Margarita's, Mimosa's and some concoction of sweet tea, lemonade and vodka.  Fear not, I didn't drink all of them at ONE time just several times over vacation.

Normally at home I do not drink at lunch unless I'm out with my girlfriend Marlene or celebrating my anniversary with my husband.  But on vacation there are a certain set of rules.  Rules that allow mommies and daddies to drink more since they can feel the sand between their butt cheeks and the salty sweat on their brows. 

{Every parent knows this unwritten rule.}

Now that we are home, no more noon day drinking unless I celebrate an anniversary lunch or go out with Marlene for a Dirty Girl Scout Martini or Bloody Mary. 

My husband took us out to lunch Sunday to enjoy our last day of vacation, which meant I enjoyed a damn good margarita at lunch. 

Yes, it was that good.