Fired Up! Creative Camp with the Babies
Asheville, North Carolina

Fired Up! Creative LoungeLast year Lil O had the pleasure of attending Fired Up! Creative Camp in Asheville. Not only was she able to express her artistic side {and she has a great one} but she was able to meet other young girls and have a nice time.

She talked about it for WEEKS and WEEKS!

Then Linda {the owner} invited her back this summer along with Ninja Gurl. Linda, were you just asking for trouble? I tease!!!! {Not really.} But they only fight at home around us so you should be okay with them in one room together.

So Linda invited the babies to enjoy a week of camp for FREE for me to advertise and blog and Facebook and Tweet all about their experience. That's a WIN WIN situation. The girls get to have a wonderful time and I get to spread the word about this great camp for kids and hopefully more parents will send their kids for the other camps before school starts.

Michelle Lee
First day of camp.

Please call and save your kid or kids a spot!  (828) 253-8181

June 30 to July 4 9 am to Noon
July 7 to July 11 9 am to Noon
July 14 to July 18 9 am to Noon
July 21 to July 25 9 am to Noon
July 28 to Aug 1 9 am to Noon
Aug 4 to Aug 8 9 am to Noon
Aug 11 to Aug 15 9 am to Noon

**I wasn't paid to post this but Linda graciously invited my girls to attend camp for FREE to advertisement purposes. Thank you.**