Detoxing the Kids
{All that CRAP food from vacation.}

Junk Food

I'm ashamed {sort of, not really} to admit that when we go on vacation I sort of splurge and buy a lot of processed crap food for the kids to eat.  Those easy things that I can throw in a microwave and in forty seconds they have some ravioli with meatballs or some Velveeta Mac & Cheese.  Know what I'm talking about?

Since we don't own a microwave it really is a treat for the kids!

AND WE EAT A LOT OF POPCORN at the beach!!


So while on vacation the kids are chowing down on easy heat up crap food and then we'd eat a meal {lunches and dinners} out as well.  Yummy meals out!!!  Even though I didn't get any crab legs this trip but I did enjoy a delicious crab cake sandwich one night. 

There were some delicious yummy organic apples and bananas that Superdad picked up.  I did buy some organic yogurt because my kids WILL not eat any of that brightly colored stuff thank goodness, they choose not to eat it - I wanted to clarify.

Yes, I am a food snob except on vacation.  Unless we are eating out while on vacation.

So now my kids are going to be back on track with their eating and they are going to be pissy that I cannot heat up some mac & cheese or mini ravioli but they will get over it!

Tonight I'm making some delicious crab cakes from our organic grocery store and some organic eggplant. 

Back to eating healthy!!!

I feel like it's like boot camp but just better food.