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My Favorite Place on Folly, The Lighthouse.

Charleston, South Carolina
{A Private Carriage Ride Tour}

Why do you park on the top of the parking garage?

I'm very excited and wanted to share with the blogging world.
{Facebook has known, hanging head.}

Fired Up! Creative Camp with the Babies
Asheville, North Carolina

Supermom went for a walk...again...last night...with her camera...
Quick, hide her camera!

Wordless Wednesday #WW

Getting Sober After Vacation
{What do you mean I cannot drink those fruity drinks all day now that we are home?}

Detoxing the Kids
{All that CRAP food from vacation.}

Supermom was on Vacation
Our Yearly Trip To Folly Beach

Throwback Thursday #TT

Wordless Wednesday #WW

Asheville, North Carolina {A walk around my neighborhood.}
I stopped and smelled the roses.

I had the best time celebrating my husband's birthday. {I love our town Asheville, NC}

Turning 40 Has Never Been So Much Fun {A have a goal for each month!}

Preteen Hell ALREADY !?!?!?!?!?

Homemade Guacamole {Fresh Cilantro From My Garden}

Wordless Wednesday #WW

Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina.

I'm obsessed with James Spader.
{It's really not a bad thing.}

Top of the Monk, Posana Cafe, and French Broad Chocolates
{Out in Asheville with Friends}

Happy 20th Birthday to my Amazing Beautiful Daughter.

The things I learned while my child attended a Montessori School.

Happy Birthday to Superdad
{My amazing Husband}

Throwback Thursday #TBT {Playing with my Fisher-Price Record Player}

Wordless Wednesday #WW {Doggie Style}

Spouse Love

Graduating Kindergarten {It happens.}

I cannot say simultaneously very well. No laughing.