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My Favorite Place on Folly, The Lighthouse.

Ever since we've been visiting folly beach, almost a decade, we've always made an afternoon trip to the lighthouse. It's a peaceful place where all the shells are occupied with living things and you can see these funny crabs dancing in the water when you get too close to them.

{I always wear shoes when I'm in the water at the lighthouse because those crabs are big enough to eat with some hot buttah.}

MMMM, crab with melted hot butter.....

This year was no different, we parked and made the trek to the beach to see the lighthouse and look for vacant shells and see the beautiful scenery. I took more pictures. DUH!

I couldn't help it.

I can remember going on an 8th grade trip to the North Carolina coast and seeing Cape Hatteras and we even went up the lighthouse. Isn't the idea terribly romantic of living in a little white house beside a beautiful lighthouse? Until the first storm came that is.

Man, the beach is just all romantic to me. I must live at the beach once in my lifetime.

Enjoy more of my pictures.

Michelle Lee, Folly Beach and Charleston, SC
Morris Island Lighthouse

Charleston, South Carolina
{A Private Carriage Ride Tour}

Last year while on vacation Lovely O wanted to take a carriage ride but we weren't feeling it or the price.  I thought we had to ride with all those other people and I wanted something more private with just our family.

BUT this year I wanted to plan ahead so I checked out the carriage companies and realized that I could just book a private tour, costing more money, but it would be just our family.

{Which is exactly what I wanted.}

So, we took a lovely ride through downtown Charleston just for Lovely O and me. 

{I wanted to take pictures with my new camera.}

I've always loved the history and southern charm of Charleston and would totally love living in one of those beautiful homes downtown.  Perhaps sipping tea on the porch while reading a good book.  Ahhhhh, sounds like bliss. 

Rather instantly Ninja Gurl got motion sickness however she never admitted it but she was rather green but didn't spew for the hour tour thank goodness.

Enjoy our tour through pictures.

Michelle Lee, Folly Beach and Charleston, SC
Getting Ready for Our Tour

Fired Up! Creative Camp with the Babies
Asheville, North Carolina

Fired Up! Creative LoungeLast year Lil O had the pleasure of attending Fired Up! Creative Camp in Asheville. Not only was she able to express her artistic side {and she has a great one} but she was able to meet other young girls and have a nice time.

She talked about it for WEEKS and WEEKS!

Then Linda {the owner} invited her back this summer along with Ninja Gurl. Linda, were you just asking for trouble? I tease!!!! {Not really.} But they only fight at home around us so you should be okay with them in one room together.

So Linda invited the babies to enjoy a week of camp for FREE for me to advertise and blog and Facebook and Tweet all about their experience. That's a WIN WIN situation. The girls get to have a wonderful time and I get to spread the word about this great camp for kids and hopefully more parents will send their kids for the other camps before school starts.

Michelle Lee
First day of camp.

Please call and save your kid or kids a spot!  (828) 253-8181

June 30 to July 4 9 am to Noon
July 7 to July 11 9 am to Noon
July 14 to July 18 9 am to Noon
July 21 to July 25 9 am to Noon
July 28 to Aug 1 9 am to Noon
Aug 4 to Aug 8 9 am to Noon
Aug 11 to Aug 15 9 am to Noon

**I wasn't paid to post this but Linda graciously invited my girls to attend camp for FREE to advertisement purposes. Thank you.**

Supermom went for a walk...again...last night...with her camera...
Quick, hide her camera!

Michelle Lee
I had recently watered my flowers.

Michelle Lee
My beautiful tomatoes.

Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee
I love how the brick looks while focusing on the butterfly bush.

Michelle Lee
Lilies are my favorite, just in case you ever want to send me flowers.

Getting Sober After Vacation
{What do you mean I cannot drink those fruity drinks all day now that we are home?}

Michelle Lee
Zia Taqueria - Asheville
While on vacation I splurge and drink an adult alcoholic beverage when we go out to eat, lunch and/or dinner.  I've really been enjoying the Margarita's, Mimosa's and some concoction of sweet tea, lemonade and vodka.  Fear not, I didn't drink all of them at ONE time just several times over vacation.

Normally at home I do not drink at lunch unless I'm out with my girlfriend Marlene or celebrating my anniversary with my husband.  But on vacation there are a certain set of rules.  Rules that allow mommies and daddies to drink more since they can feel the sand between their butt cheeks and the salty sweat on their brows. 

{Every parent knows this unwritten rule.}

Now that we are home, no more noon day drinking unless I celebrate an anniversary lunch or go out with Marlene for a Dirty Girl Scout Martini or Bloody Mary. 

My husband took us out to lunch Sunday to enjoy our last day of vacation, which meant I enjoyed a damn good margarita at lunch. 

Yes, it was that good.

Detoxing the Kids
{All that CRAP food from vacation.}

Junk Food

I'm ashamed {sort of, not really} to admit that when we go on vacation I sort of splurge and buy a lot of processed crap food for the kids to eat.  Those easy things that I can throw in a microwave and in forty seconds they have some ravioli with meatballs or some Velveeta Mac & Cheese.  Know what I'm talking about?

Since we don't own a microwave it really is a treat for the kids!

AND WE EAT A LOT OF POPCORN at the beach!!


So while on vacation the kids are chowing down on easy heat up crap food and then we'd eat a meal {lunches and dinners} out as well.  Yummy meals out!!!  Even though I didn't get any crab legs this trip but I did enjoy a delicious crab cake sandwich one night. 

There were some delicious yummy organic apples and bananas that Superdad picked up.  I did buy some organic yogurt because my kids WILL not eat any of that brightly colored stuff thank goodness, they choose not to eat it - I wanted to clarify.

Yes, I am a food snob except on vacation.  Unless we are eating out while on vacation.

So now my kids are going to be back on track with their eating and they are going to be pissy that I cannot heat up some mac & cheese or mini ravioli but they will get over it!

Tonight I'm making some delicious crab cakes from our organic grocery store and some organic eggplant. 

Back to eating healthy!!!

I feel like it's like boot camp but just better food. 

Supermom was on Vacation
Our Yearly Trip To Folly Beach

Michelle Lee Folly BeachSorry I've been away enjoying the sun and sand.

Okay, I'm not.  It was heavenly.

I will post more about our awesome vacation when I have washed like twelve loads of laundry and gotten all the sand out of the girl's hair.

I missed you and I hope that you missed me.

Earthman Jack vs. the Ghost Planet by Matthew Kadish
A Book Too Good To Wait Until Summer To Read

Earthman Jank VS. The Ghost PlanetYou don’t have to wait until the end of the polar vortex to pick up this action-packed book. Just in time for you summer reading list comes the next big series, Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet, a love-letter to all the sci-fi TV shows and movies people grew up with in the 80’s and 90’s.

Over 90% of reviews on Amazon have been 4 or 5 star ratings, proving that this book is a hit and has been well received by kids, adults and fans of science fiction alike. The compelling characters will initially pique your interest, but the fast paced plot will inevitably capture your attention. The 600-page novel reads at a brisk pace, reaching readers who are nostalgic for a Harry Potter-meets-Star Wars - like adventure.

SciFiMafia totes Kadish's ability to exceed expectations and bring you a story with the right mix of nostalgia and novelty.

The Review Hutch couldn’t help imagining this book as a fantastic graphic novel or 3-D film co-directed by J.J. Abrams, Michael Bay and Peter Jackson...strongly recommends this is a book to give your kids, your boyfriend, your mother, your pal who loves arcade games, everyone. It is literally and figuratively ‘out-of-this-world’ adventure.

Kadish has planned a total of 7 books for this series, and this novel is the first in the set. For more info, please visit http://matthewkadish.com/ and follow Earthman Jack on twitter at https://twitter.com/EarthmanJack

**I wasn't paid to post this.  I was sent a FREE copy of the book to enjoy!  I know what I'm taking on vacation!!!  I will post when I finish!!!!**

I had the best time celebrating my husband's birthday. {I love our town Asheville, NC}

Michelle Lee. Asheville, North CarolinaMy husband had a birthday shortly after my birthday and our anniversary so I knew I wanted to do something SUPER FUN with him and it be just the TWO of us!  {Since I had already made his strawberry pie.}

I got all dolled up for him and arranged for the babies to be gone for the night.

We hit a NEW favorite place of mine Top of the Monk and enjoyed each others company there.  It was really nice.

Michelle Lee. Asheville, North Carolina

Michelle Lee. Asheville, North Carolina

Michelle Lee. Asheville, North Carolina
Thank you Nikki for the most amazing drink and my Bolshoi Punch.

We had reservations at Posana later on in the evening and we deliciously enjoyed that too! 

Guess what I had???

Michelle Lee. Asheville, North Carolina
Elder Wand.  You must have one when you are in Asheville, NC.

We shared three delicious small plates of  Fried Green Tomatoes, Bibb Lettuce Wraps, and Lobster Mac & Cheese.  After all the delicious food we decided to head home for dessert.

It was his birthday after all.

I had so much fun with my husband and I cannot wait to do it again.  With children in the house we tend to not make time for each other and we really miss out on a lot of laughter and loving with each other.  We have to start putting our relationship first because we sure do have fun together when we make the time.

Turning 40 Has Never Been So Much Fun {A have a goal for each month!}

I've been checking off my list!!!  It's been a lot of fun and something that I've been able to stick with even though I have been sooooooooooooooooooo busy.

January – Read a Good Book

I did!  I finished Ulysses by James Joyce.

February – Make Something

I did!  I made a beautiful comfy shawl for myself.

March – Write A Poem

I did!  I wrote a poem for my husband.

April – Draw A Picture

I drew TWO!!!!

Michelle Lee

Preteen Hell ALREADY !?!?!?!?!?

lovely oLovely O just finished third grade and I feel we've hit a preteen bump?

Isn't it too early for that since she is only NINE years old?!?!?!?  THUD!!!!  Really, throw it all at me God!  I can take it!  My baby graduates kindergarten and now I'm going through some hormonal hell.

{I'm envisioning dancing make-up and mini skirts!!!!}

I don't know what's going on and I'm only grasping at straws.

All I know is that she isn't playing with My Little Pony anymore but would rather watch Sam & Kat or that awful Adventure Time and Uncle Grandpa.

What happened to Charlie and Lola or some freaky Barbie Princess DVD?

It's about clothes, and hair, and accessories and now HORMONES!

I feel as if someone snatched my shy quiet Lovely O and now I'm going through some sort of preteen hell.

Anyone else?  I feel like I want to curl up into the fetal position and stay there the next fifteen years!

Homemade Guacamole {Fresh Cilantro From My Garden}

With a beautiful pot of cilantro growing in my front yard I had guacamole on the brain!  Cilantro can be used in many dishes in the kitchen but in my kitchen it's mostly for guacamole and salsas.  YUMMY!!!!

{Plus, I just like saying SALSA, SALSA, SALSA, SALSA!}

Since my husband gave me a brand new camera for my birthday I had to try it out with taking some amazing pics of some beautiful ingredients.  {Remember I did warn you about this.}

Homemade Guacamole

Homemade Guacamole

Wordless Wednesday #WW

Walk around North Asheville
Pine Cone = I KILL YOU!

Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina.

Ninja Gurl – Boys are different than girls.

Me – What do you mean?

Ninja Gurl – I see the boys at school go to the bathroom.  We leave the door open.

{Picking myself up from the floor.}

Me – Oh really?  Oh nice.


I'm obsessed with James Spader.
{It's really not a bad thing.}

The BlacklistI absolutely love James Spader! Like James Spader now! Not the skinny younger version from 2 Days in the Valley not that he's unattractive there but he's not my type in that movie.

He's more my type in Secretary!!!! Hell, he even plays a man named Mr. Grey!!! Those silly “sex” books 50 Shades of Grey have NOTHING on James Spader. He was sexy and hot long before those books were written. Perhaps that's where she got her idea!

{One night she was watching Secretary and was all hot and bothered watching Mr. Grey spank Lee over his desk.}

Yeah, I may have to watch that movie again like SOON!!!!!

I'm a bit sidetracked now and it's all his fault!!!!


The things I learned while my child attended a Montessori School.

My youngest recently graduated from kindergarten at a local Montessori school.  Let me add here that what I am about to share was not taught at her school and she could have picked this up at any school with her friends.

We love our Montessori schools and very thankful our girls attend them.

With me being a blogger – ugh, the dreaded B word – I have to share some awesome things we've been hearing the past few weeks from Ninja Gurl.

{Remember, it could happen to anyone.}

Ninja Gurl will be referred to as Innocent Child during the rest of this post.

Innocent Child – I'm not going to get married.  I'm just going to live with my boyfriend so we can kiss all the time.

Panic Stricken Mom {that's me} – Huh?

Innocent Child – I'm not going to get married because I don't want to have babies.  I'm just going to live with my boyfriend.

Panic Stricken Mom – You don't have to have babies just because you get married.

Innocent Child – You don't?  I just tell him I don't want babies?

Panic Stricken Mom – Sure!  {Needing a drink at this point.}  You have to get married before you live with a boy or have a baby.

Innocent Child – I do?

Panic Stricken Mom – YES!

Innocent Child – Where do babies come from?

Panic Stricken Mom – Your girly parts.

{Yes, scare them straight!!!  Damn, right, your girly parts!}

Next day...

Innocent Child – My friend said you are wrong that you can live with a boy and not be married.

Panic Stricken Mom – No you cannot!

Innocent Child – Why?

Panic Stricken Mom – Because I said so!


Happy Birthday to Superdad
{My amazing Husband}

You brought home some beautiful organic strawberries for a birthday pie.  You love my strawberry pie.  I love you more than the strawberry pie.  I took a few pictures for you with the new camera you gave me for my birthday. I love my new camera but I love you more. 

Michelle Lee @ The Adventures of Supermom

Wordless Wednesday #WW {Doggie Style}

Michelle Lee
Don't bother me, I'm getting a tan.  No tan lines for me!

Michelle Lee
I call SHOTGUN!!!

YOU perverts! Get your mind out of the gutter! {wink}

Spouse Love

This is where I write up a post to tell you how much I adore my husband.  We recently celebrated TEN years of marriage and spent so much time together in one week to make up for the months of passing each other in the house.

We really had a lovely time together.  We shared some amazing meals together, got all dolled up, laughed in bed, held hands and just spent time together.  He treated me like a pretty princess on my 40th birthday and for our anniversary.

Dear Husband,

I love you.

Your Wife

Michelle Lee.
Dressed up for my birthday dinner at The Admiral.

Michelle Lee
Lunch - Our 10th Anniversary.

Silly Love
Our Anniversary Dinner at Rezaz.

Graduating Kindergarten {It happens.}

1 day to go belly
The day before she was born.
It seems just like yesterday that Ninja Gurl was making me terribly uncomfortable and had me weighing in at 182 pounds.  Really it does feel like yesterday. 

{Quiet moment of reflecting her birth and meeting her for the first time.}

Mommy meets baby.

Now she is a beautiful caring amazing six year old who recited a Robert Frost poem at her kindergarten graduation with her class.  It was awesome!