Where did Supermom go??

Michelle Lee @michelleunplugged*deep sigh*  Where do I even begin to tell this story?  I could say it was a dark and stormy night with 5 feet of snow on the ground and we were without power for seven days and the kids were driving me crazy but I would be lying. 

It was actually Friday, June 16, 2013 and it was a Father's Day post.  I don't know if anyone was able to see it. 

It was very traumatic.

Yeah yeah I blog a lot about my life and my family.  I didn’t realize how important it was to me until it was gone.


Just like that.

Superdad had told me he had gotten a Malware notice when he went to my blog and I didn’t think anything about it because everything was working on my laptop.

Until Monday morning when I was getting emails about my blog not opening and people were getting Malware pop-ups.

It was very frustrating because my blog is as clean as it gets if you overlook the sex surveys and all the alcohol drinking at my house.  (I kid.  Sort of.)

I instantly went into “must fix this” mode which included a lot of crying.

A lot of sobbing.

Since I use Blogger and it’s free there are no tech support numbers that you can call for help, it’s all help boards, forms and emails.  No help at all!! 

It just made it more frustrating because I was getting ZERO help and my blog still wasn’t working.  No one was able to see the picture of my grandmother because it was her birthday and no one was able to see the Mike the Knight giveaway that had posted.

I cried some more.

A lot.

I didn’t realize how important my blog had been to me because I figured it would be something that I could give up any time that I wanted.  *shrug*

So after all the crying and sobbing I reached out.

I had realized that GoDaddy, where my names are, was having an awesome sale on Wordpress Hosting and they’d even download WP for me and get it all set up.  Cha ching!  So, I bought the hosting and let the amazing Brian walk me through things and watch him set things up for me.

Here it is the same day at 2 am and my blog still isn’t working properly and I cannot stand how WP works!

I’m typing this up in Word to HOPEFULLY post tomorrow on my blogger blog.  I hope that Google will unlock my site so I can get a refund through WP and post this for you to read.

During all of this I had felt like my journal had been stolen.

I was very sad.

I cried a lot.

PS.  In the mean time I canceled the hosting and deleted WP.  I've tried tumlbr, Live Journal and a few others sources but not liking any of them.

When I had calmed down and realized that I may not ever get my blog back I made a new one. 

Michelle Unplugged was created on June 21, 2013 and my first blog post was begging Meg Ryan to walk away from her plastic surgeon.  That was a funny post too.  I am rather funny! 

Fast forward EIGHT MONTHS!

The Adventures of Supermom POPS back online.  Now remember that during this whole freaking time while begging Blogger to help me, NO ONE from Blogger contacted me after numerous messages and faxes.  Nadda.  Zilch.

So remember, just like that, poof, it can all be gone.

More about Michelle Unplugged.

{I Love Incomplete Sentences}

I’ve been a blogger for nine years! My first blog The Adventures of Supermom was blacklisted by Google and all my hard work went POOF! Then I began to wonder what in the world was I was doing? Do people really like things to be sugar coated so their feelings are protected?