The woman behind the blog. {Or actually the bad ass who started the blog.}

Michelle Lee @michelleunpluggedI’m still that woman people call Supermom {even though my new business cards just say MICHELLE}, I’m that woman who blogs about kids, cooking, parenting and sex.  Yeah, that woman.

Throw in some book reading, crocheting and making yo yos and you’ve pretty much got all of me.

Oh, and awesome wife to my husband.  I think I am, we should have him tell us how I rank in the wife position.

Oh honey??????

When people know I’m a blogger I still get nervous.

{Even after 9+ years of telling anyone, who will read all about, my business.}

I’m proud to be a blogger and have no problem telling people.  At first I would cringe when someone would ask, “What do you do?”

Besides telling them I am a porn star and a professional beer drinker {I’M NOT}, I really didn’t know what to say.




I HATE THE TERM STAY AT HOME MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dammit, I may stay at home and I am a mom but whatever you do, do not call me a stay at home mom.

That there is fighting words.

I want to clear it up a bit so if you happen to meet me in person you will know some facts about who I really am.

I'm really nice.  I like to smile.  I love to make jokes and laugh.  I am a perv.  I have no secrets.  I tell you like it is.  I do drink a cold beer now and then, same with wine.  We eat organic, except my friendship bread is not organic.  And I make a delicious gluten free carrot cake, from a box.  Ha ha.

We live in a small ranch house that is kept clean because I have OCD issues.  I'm really not famous.  I love my family unconditionally, accepting them for who they are.  I don't judge.  I love to sew, crochet, bake and I can about do anything that I put my mind to.

If you do recognize me in public please feel free to shout at me and give me a hug!  I'd like that.

{How can you not recognize me with all the pictures I post of myself, geesh!!}

I've been married before.  My two oldest kids are from my first marriage.  My husband is an excellent step dad!  I'm my husband’s first and only wife.  He waited a long time for me to come into his life.  He was a week shy of 41 when we married.


I love you honey.

I'm a strict mom.  I don't take any crap from my kids.  Mostly....

There's a fine line between parenting and being a friend to your kids.  I got it down pat.  They know if they keep their room clean and don't give me a hard time then they pretty much have an easy life.

I wouldn't say they are spoiled though.  They know about money and that it doesn't grow on trees.  There is a difference between "wanting" and "needing" something new.  *shrug*

I love having a garden and I hate mosquitos!

I am a country girl and it comes out when I'm with my family.  Y'all and you'ins are part of my regular vocabulary.  Just ask my husband.

That's all I can think of at the moment.  My friends feel free to jump in with your comments.