Teaching your children to have some independence and to be responsible. {Start at a very young age.}

michelle unplugged socksI think all kids should have a designated chore. Even a child as young as three can have an easy chore. Each chore must be age appropriate. You wouldn't expect your four year old to vacuum the whole house.

Lovely O and Ninja Gurl started setting the table when they were two-ish. At first they had help from their older siblings. Now they do it all by themselves.  They will get the place mats out and put them on the table. I will hand them napkins then they will come back and get forks/spoons. They are awesome help!!

Kids really feel good about helping out in the house. Trust me. They do. You aren't being cruel by making them set the table. Make their bed. Pick up after THEMSELVES!! You are teaching them responsibility. Gotta have it.

Another big thing in our house is laundry.  Each child folds and put their laundry away on their own.  It may not be folded perfectly but they are doing it themselves and they are extremely proud!

The older kids do things like load and empty the dishwasher, gathering the trash and taking it out, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning their bathroom and helping with the babies.  Including helping with Sophie.

All the chores are age appropriate and my kids are capable of doing them.

Independence is fun at our house because I just never know what to expect.

I have always let my kids pick out their own clothes.

Even for school Lovely O and Ninja Gurl do it all on their own.  Sometimes they look downright ADORABLE and at times you ask, “Are you sure you want to wear that outfit?”

They never change their mind.

Since school started last week I haven’t cringed at Ninja Gurl’s clothes.  Ha ha.  She has been wearing different socks though, they both do that.  I think it’s cute.

A yellow SpongeBob sock should be paired with one hot pink sock!


I love all four of my kids and I am very thankful for them.

Do you give your kids chores to teach responsibility? It's never too late to start.