Supermom travels to Charlotte, NC

Recently I drove to Charlotte to visit with my Aunt and Uncle who have an amazing place there.  I was going down to support my Aunt with her new business venture {more on this later} and attend a champagne party. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my adult time trip and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my Aunt and Uncle.  They are amazing people and such a pleasure to be around.  We talked, laughed and enjoyed each others company. 

While I was away from my amazing husband and adoring kids {YES, I did miss them} my Aunt and Uncle made it bearable by spoiling me. 

Just barely!  HA HA!!  You'll be calling me out on that one when you see my pictures!!! {wink}

When I made it to Charlotte they took me to eat a delicious French meal at Georges.  We feasted on oysters, wine and I had a GB CROQUE MADAME.  YUMMY!

Michelle Lee @MichelleUplugged and The Adventures of Supermom
Three different kinds.  The French Kisses were my favorite.

Then my Aunt took me to Dean & Deluca for cheese and bread.  She told me about the most amazing cheese Humboldt Fog.  I must have more of this cheese!!!!  {Why didn't I know about this cheese SOONER!?!?}  It's this delicious goat's milk cheese that has two layers.  The bottom layer is from where they milk the goats first thing in the morning and after letting them graze all day they are milked again which is the top layer.  Both layers taste different and so yummy!  The top layer is my favorite.

Michelle Lee @michelleunplugged
Got bread?

Humboldt Fog

Then I relaxed in my room until the champagne party working on emails and freshening up for the party.  The party went extremely well and I am so happy for my Aunt and her friend Julie and their new business venture.  {More on them later.}

Michelle Lee
My room.  Notice the toilet paper rose my Aunt made for me.  LOVE!

Michelle Lee Party
Party.  Cheers.  :) 

After walking back to their house barefoot, taking off my four inch heels, I found my pajamas and raided the cheese and cupcakes that were calling my name from the kitchen!  With my Aunt!!  Then we talked and talked and then talked more.

I actually slept pretty sound that night in an empty bed.  I warned my Aunt not to be freaked out if they woke up and found me in their bed because I didn't like sleeping alone.  HA HA!!!  I am such a funny gal!  I should do stand-up comedy.  Ha ha.

After enjoying hot coffee and hot croissants with LOTS of butter with my Aunt I finally was able to hit the road after noon, barely getting home to surprise the girls at school by picking them up.  

I am so blessed to have amazing people in my family.  I am thankful for them. 

I look forward to my next trip to see them.