Recently on Facebook {I'm rather funny.}

Michelle LeeWould it be awkward if I framed a picture of James Spader for my night table?

Good morning. Back to my regular schedule of laundry and mopping.

Good morning. Happy 10th Anniversary to my husband. How did he put up with me for so long???? He took the day off so I'll be spending it with him.

Okay I am eXhAuStEd!!!!!!!!! I'm turning my laptop off and reading. Which means I will fall asleep drooling on myself. Tomorrow I will wake up and start the day celebrating all over again. Happy 10th Anniversary TOMORROW to my husband.

Please forgive me for not thanking every single one of you with a comment for my birthday greetings. I'm older you see and don't think my feeble body can write all those out so accept my liking your greeting as a HUGE HUG AND KISS. {Tongue if you wish, I'm easy}

Home from an amazing dinner at The Admiral. I'm ready for bed. Thank you for a wonderful day!!!!! Tomorrow we celebrate ten years of marriage. Next week = I sleep all week.

Feels like a pretty princess.

Oh em gee!!! My FAVORITE PIE IN THE WORLD!!!!! My husband brought home the best ever Peanut Butter Pie from True Confections!!!!! A WHOLE PIE!!! I may not share!!!! Where's my fork???
Yeah, being 40 is AWESOME!!!!!

I had all of my children home yesterday so I had to take a picture. Turning 40 isn't so bad because I have so much to be thankful for. With age comes experience and memories. You see before you four very important people {and dog} to me.

So Dana just called to wish me a happy early birthday. I also feel that she is writing an essay about this crazy woman she met online. No!! I'm not talking about me.

Wonders how many kindergartners recite Robert Frost at graduation?

My girlfriend Laurie knows just what to say. I love you. Thank you. I appreciate your words and kindness more than you know.

I'm going to wear a hat tonight to the burlesque show.