Recently on Facebook {I'm pretty funny.}

Note to self: Don't wear short linen skirts when I take Sophie out in public. She will jump up on me causing me to flash every single person around me. Sorry to the man at the groomers for all of that. I know I'm not your type but you still didn't need to see my purple undies. Blush.

Oh Em Gee!!! I just opened the most amazing box to review!!!! I love my new Vionic Shoes!!!!!! I don't think I will ever take them off. @vionicshoes #SoleStory

I'm ready for James tonight. Bring it!!!!

Just recorded FOUR videos. I must love you guys a lot. Uploading now, posting soon.

My house is spotless. Don't move. Ha ha

Since I've been watching The Blacklist again (from the beginning) with my husband I've been noticing things. My opinions may have changed. Hmmmmm.

Just watched the horse race.

Yay!!!! I've talked my husband into watching The Blacklist with me. We are starting with the first one tonight. I cannot wait to watch them in order again. He's going to be addicted like the rest of us!!!! {Smacking my arm for a vein.}

I've been ignoring it, denying it, pretending it didn't exist. I cannot anymore. I. Am. Sick. Who gave me a flipping cold?

I just want to say that I am so blessed to have some pretty amazing people in my family. I'm having the most amazing time visiting my aunt and uncle. They want me to make it a regular thing BUT stay longer!! I am thankful. — feeling blessed.

I just took a nice relaxing hot bath. No kids came in to use the bathroom and Sophie didn't sit by the tub and watch me take a bath!

I just crawled in bed. I don't think I can sleep alone. Wonder if it would freak my aunt and uncle out if I crawled in bed with them?

Dear Charlotte,
I'm here. Be gentle.

I have to pee. Stopped at rest area. Just thought you'd like to know.

I'm working on updating The Adventures of Supermom. Let's start May off with a BANG! Thank you for the encouragement and support when I needed it most.

I could give up chocolate but I'm not a quitter.

Recent text from my girlfriend Marian: Where is the video of you in the tub? And what's up with you being dressed in the videos? I want one of you when you get home after the morning school run in your robe. What about bed head?? Or you naked with only your apron on....making kinky bread?
I thought she liked me????? ha ha ha

Am I the only one who calls my friends to tell them they must buy a certain vibrator?? Surely not. — feeling amused.

I've turned into one of those people... I'm a bird watcher.

Oh Em Gee!!! I hear my son playing House of the Rising Sun in his room. How cool is he?????????? #allthecoolkidsaredoingit