Oh no he didn’t! {said in best valley girl voice}

The shame!!!  The humiliation!!!  Oh em gee!!!!!!  {snapping gum}

I was very blessed that my super amazing handsome intelligent husband (known as Superdad) let me sleep in this Saturday morning which happens to be the only morning that he would be able to sleep in.

With work Monday through Friday and church on Sunday, Saturday morning should be his sleep in late day.
I guess he felt me silently crawl into bed at 2am and thought he’s being an amazing husband and let me sleep in.

With all the stress I’ve been going through with the other blog and all and having a headache yesterday.

Nahhh, that probably wasn’t it at all.  I was probably passed out cold and didn’t hear the dog whining to go pee or feel the kids poking on me to feed them so he HAD to get up.

Just being honest.

So, as I made my way to my tiny yellow toned kitchen to make coffee in my tiny little nightgown that makes me feel all young again and I opened the fridge to get milk for my coffee and to my amazement LOOK WHAT I FOUND hidden amongst things in the refrigerator.

Michelle Unplugged

OH EM GEE!!!  I would have rather found PORN hidden in the fridge instead of this!!!  Seriously!   

It’s been an ongoing debate in our house for years and well, since I grocery shop mostly I just buy what I want.  Ha ha.  It’s very rare that you will find a big jar of Duke’s mayo in the fridge because I find that it tastes too much like vinegar.

I’m a Hellmann’s user through and through, like I could just eat it with a spoon from the jar! 

That’s called dedication!!!

So let’s take it to the people.  IE:  YOU

What mayonnaise brand do you prefer in your fridge?

PS.  Porn isn’t forbidden in our house so if I had of found porn in the fridge I would have probably just flipped through it as I was drinking my coffee. 


I have to admit that we're a two mayo household. He loves Miracle Whip and I want to choke just looking at it, lol.
Supermom said…

Doesn't it look like plastic????