Never Been Kissed {Watching a Movie}

A blast from the past movie that I loved the moment that it came out!  It’s so true!

High school is BRUTAL!!

It sucks!

And now that I am almost 40 I can look back and honestly say that I hated high school.

I hated the clicks and the desire to “fit in” and make friends.

It’s so much pressure!!

I’d never go back and be a teenager girl in high school.

Especially girls, girls are mean in high school.

And rumors are vicious in school.

Thank God we grow up {hopefully} into civilized adults.

{know what I mean?}

I grew up in several trailer parks throughout the country in my life while living with my mom and stepdad.  We didn’t have any money really and I was never the girl that was in style with the most popular brands of clothes and I wasn’t popular with other kids in school.

Thankfully I had my Mamaw and Papaw, my dad’s parents, to help me throughout life.  I was able to see them every other weekend and two weeks in the summer.  They took care of me.  They made me who I am today.  Mamaw and Papaw would buy whatever I needed and we’d do so many fun things during the summer.  I never wanted to leave their side when the time came.

It makes me sad to remember all of this.

Eventually over time, and a few bad things happening, I moved in with my daddy when I was 15.  My life changed then.  I was a happy girl.  I didn’t have to worry or be stressed, I could be a normal teenage girl.  Sadly about that time my Papaw died and everyone in my family was devastated.

About this time I moved in with my Mamaw so she wouldn’t be alone.

{About this time I probably drove her crazy being a difficult teenage girl.  I’m sorry Mamaw.}

No one is school really knew this about me.  I was able go to school and try to make good grades and be normal.

So here I am 20+ years later.

I’m married to a really good man with four amazing children.  I’ve always kept a journal and now that journal has turned into a blog.  Silly, inno.  I’ve always been a reader and I still am.

I’m thankful for a roof over our heads and food in our bellies and I’m thankful that we have each other.

I don’t have many worries.

I don’t have many friends.

But the people I do consider friends will be there for forever.

Life is Good.