My psychiatrist wants me to “find myself”. {She didn't say those exacts words. I don't think.}

Recently I sat down with my amazing tell you like it is psychiatrist and we had a talk. Well, I talk a lot and she listens then she talks. I talk more and she listens. I may even cry. It's life. I've gotten to where I look forward to our little chats and wish I had met her outside of the medical field because I could bet we'd be totally cool friends. {Wishful thinking}

Lately I've been depressed and sleeping a lot more than usual. I can wake up and do the school run and I'm wiped out and ready for a nap. It's been frustrating for me. My body has a tendency to “shut down” under duress and make me sleep. This hasn't been that sort of sleepiness.

{It just wasn't right.}

I spoke to my doc about it and she thinks I am bored. I've been a mommy my whole adult life, being pregnant at nineteen and then having my daughter right after I turned twenty. Now that my children are getting older and with my oldest even moving out into the adult world I am losing my “place”. Not to mention that I am turning the BIG 4 0 in a few weeks.

I have all of these emotions pouring out of me and it's making me depressed and feel lost.

Where is my place? What do I want to do when I grow up? Will all the cool kids like me?

Things like that.

She gave me homework. In the next four weeks she wants to be get out and about and try things and find things I enjoy doing. I've decided to call the church I have been going to on Sundays to see about their “soup kitchen” because I know they feed people once a week {I believe} and I would enjoy helping. I can cut veggies or serve or whatever is needed of me. Then they also have a Knitting Group that meets twice a week to make prayer shawls. We all know I can do that!

She also gave me other ideas to look into.

What do you want to be when you grow up?


I think I agree with your therapist. We can be so busy with family and think "how can I be bored" i am on the go constantly. But it is not challenging enough or providing enough mental stimulation. We can only play with little people but for so long.
Supermom said…
I totally agree! We NEED to get coffee soon!!!!!!!!!!!


I've not seen you in forever!