Michelle is my Twihomie {WHY I HEART U} DAMMIT, these guest posts keep making me cry! I love you too TJ!

M and M

The first time I met Michelle, I was a bit intimidated.  She had recently given birth to Lovely O, and I had recently given birth to Jane.  Two months after Jane’s birth, our family of three packed up the Jeep and started our voyage from West Point, NY to Greenville, MS for Jane’s christening.  Along the way, we stopped in Asheville to show off our first born to family members there.  The trips to Asheville were never pleasant for me because I was always thrust into a family feud that had nothing to do with me.  I was especially nervous for this trip because this was my first road trip as a mother.

When I met Michelle and her family at The Early Girl for supper, she and I tried to bond.  I felt completely inadequate to Michelle.  Michelle was a seasoned mother.  Her newborn weighed twice as much as Jane.  Michelle was breastfeeding with ease, and Jane could not because of medical reasons.  To top it off, my five pound two month old baby had colic!  Jane screamed and cried throughout the dinner while Lovely O nursed and slept.  Michelle smiled and tried to put me at ease, but it was no use.  I felt like a complete failure around her.

Each year, we returned to Asheville with Jane, and then with Harry.  And, each year, it was obvious that Lovely O was developing right on time and Jane was not.  However, Michelle never asked me questions or offered unsolicited advice on how to improve Jane’s health.  Michelle simply smiled at Jane and treated her like any other child. 

Michelle reassures me that Jane is just as awesome as I suspect she is.  She always remembers when Jane is having surgery and inquires about it.  She takes delight in Jane’s milestones.  Michelle even made Jane’s home IV infusions more fun with the beautiful bags she crocheted for Jane.  Now, Jane refuses to allow me to start her IV without her “Michelle Bag” at the ready.

Michelle and I have formed our own friendship and bond which was cemented over our obsession with Twighlight.  I blame her for getting me hooked on the books, but that’s okay.  I returned the the favor with Hunger Games.  Michelle and I are the grown women wearing the “Team Edward” shirts to the grocery store.  We’re the women who set our schedules around the movie premiere of Catching Fire. And we’re the women who scrunch our noses at other women who don’t care if Katniss and Peta end up getting married.

Living in Virginia does not allow me to see Michelle very often.  However, I feel like she is right down the road.  I know Michelle is just a text away from making me laugh are reassuring me that it’s perfectly natural to crave to Cool Ranch Doritos at age 41.

This is where Michelle updates ~~> {Well, I won't be 40 until May, soooooo......running}