If I had never met Barry, I wouldn't have met Michelle.

The Adventures of SupermomLet me explain. Barry and I knew each other waaaay back when. He was smart enough to recognize that we had no future, but we remained friends. When I discovered the wonder of Facebook, I invited Barry to join the fun. He declined, but Michelle did not. This was the beginning of an epic friendship. I am now more Michelle's friend than Barry's friend. It's ok.  :)

I had no idea how precious Michelle would be to me. We've laughed, we've cried, we've shared dreams, frustrations, and secrets, we've gotten drunk together, we've plowed through challenges (sober, unfortunately), we've been angry with each other, we've played Scrabble with the big pencil. With every step along the way, we've lifted each other up, supported each other in the ways that only women can (sorry guys, your support is different). I know without a doubt that Michelle will be there to help me when I need her. I hope she knows that I will be there for her. It's hard, sometimes, for us spunky, ├╝ber-capable women to ask for help, but we manage to support each other without needing to be asked. We just know.

So, thank you, Barry, for keeping me as a friend. Without you, I would not know and love Michelle. That would be far too high a price to pay. In case you don't know yet, Michelle is a gorgeous, tough, loving, teaching, supportive FORCE with which to be reckoned. It's an honor and privilege to be counted as her friend.

Big Pencil