I ♥ Mary Jane

Us in 2011.  I wish I had fixed my hair for pic.
I cried when I read what MJ had to say about me in her take time from your day to write about me challenge.

After reading her post I too begun to wonder why I started calling her Mary Jane and then MJ.  It has nothing to do with illegal drugs even though she is very addictive.  I think perhaps it's because I love those Mary Jane shoes and she just became Mary Jane. 

Hmmm, I hope that it's okay that I think it is because I like shoes MJ?  PS.  I do have a kid with ELIZABETH as her middle name.  ;)

Let me add that with MJ we can go days, weeks and months without talking and then pick up right where we left off.  That's the sign of a true lasting friendship.  I do think we need to make more time for each other with technology these days.

Geesh, I do have an iPhone!

Thank you MJ for your kind words, encouragement and mostly loving me just the way I am.

Mary Speaks:

Back in college, in 2002, I was young. I often think that going to college at the age of 18 seems a bit crazy. To let someone that age be responsible and alone after being sheltered by the love and security of their parents for so many years. Still, in 2002 at the crazy immature age of 21, I found myself still searching desperately in all the wrong places for the love and security that I once found in my parents. But then I met Michelle.

The first time I saw her, she was the most intimidating and confident woman I had ever met. She had an air about her that made me want to jump when she said to jump. It was such a stable and secure personality. She was very positive and seemed so sure of herself and who she was. I wanted to be like that.

I’m not sure how I climbed up the social chain to becoming Michelle’s friend, but however it happened, I’ve never regretted it for a moment. I remember how giving Michelle was toward me. Every Sunday I worked (because she was my boss), she would buy me lunch. It was such an exciting time. Back then anyone who would buy me something and not expect anything in return was super cool. Since then I’ve learned that giving is a gift in itself. The act of giving, (with no strings attached) usually results in tremendous joy in the heart of the giver. A heart that big just keeps overflowing with love and it’s passed on to others like a contagious disease. In Michelle’s presence I’ve always felt loved.

Somehow I reached a social ranking with Michelle of BFF, and was affectionately referred to as Mary Jane. I’m not sure if Michelle just didn’t like my middle name, or if perhaps like the illegal drug, I was habit forming, but I really like being her MJ.

Graduating from college was happy and sad. I didn’t want to leave behind my Michelle, but at least I left her in pretty good hands. She met Superdad before I left, and soon after graduating, I had the privilege of attending her beautiful private wedding. I’ve enjoyed the births of her youngest girls and we’ve shared lots of laughs over scrabble and some of the yummiest food in Asheville.

Michelle was, is and always will be important in my life. When she is sad, I am sad. When crazy women try to copy her blog, I get mad too. I’m happy when she is happy and I get jealous when she posts pictures of local Asheville food.  I can’t be in Asheville physically, but I can pray from a distance for joy, peace and prosperity in my dear friend’s life.

We’ve both changed a lot through the years. But, with every change, every mile apart, in every season of life there has been one constant, my beautiful friendship with my beautiful friend Michelle. Thank you Michelle, xoxo!

Supermom and Mary Jane.
Us in 2005, one of my fave pics.  It's even framed in my dining room.