A Guest Post From My Only Girl Crush
{With her I don't need another.}

girlfriendsSince I've been asked to be a guest blogger answering the questions: How did I meet Michelle and what I think about her...I’ve decided to take a couple of minutes and respond to those questions.

Let me start by saying that Michelle and I have never met face-to-face. We met on Facebook and have been friends ever since. I liked her writing style and the kindness in her posts and wanted to be friends with her. I have since developed my first "girl crush" and stay faithful to this ageless beauty.

Michelle is one of those women that we HATE because she is so beautiful without any make-up, fresh out of the sheets. Clearly her husband is a lucky man. She is fair skinned and willowy in stature but with a very spicy way of wording things. She is very lady-like when she has to be but can truly keep her end up of an R-Rated conversation, but in a funny way. She is trusting to a fault and has gotten her feelings hurt by people judging a person they don’t know. This I don’t understand but I guess we all have haters when we pour our hearts out and open ourselves up on the Web. She still remains fearless in an attempt to let you know exactly who she is. She is very intelligent and witty, but will be the first one to say “I don’t get it” in a pinched up face, Valley Girl imitation. She is a tiger, a kitten, a ruler, a servant, a pusher, and a puller.

She is what she needs to be at the moment to make things in her personal and professional life work. She is, after all, Super Mom.

I have come to truly admire Michelle and do hope that we may someday meet. But for now, I’ll just be happy to be among her friends and cheer her on from the side lines. She is a very classy lady that I have come to love and care about. If this is a “girl crush” I can honestly say she is my only…