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Recently on Facebook {I'm rather funny.}

Happy Anniversary To Us

The Adventures of Supermom - Now what?

Throwback Thursday {Bringing Ninja Gurl Home}

Happy Birthday to Me! {40 and Fabulous}

Wordless Wednesday {Ready for a burlesque show in Asheville, NC}

Supermom at 29.

The Adventures of Supermom celebrates a big birthday. {Turning the big 4 0}

A Guest Post From My Only Girl Crush
{With her I don't need another.}

If I had never met Barry, I wouldn't have met Michelle.

Turning the BIG 4 0 in four day is going to be exciting!

Reunited after High School {Another Guest Post, so Blessed!}

Michelle is my Twihomie {WHY I HEART U} DAMMIT, these guest posts keep making me cry! I love you too TJ!

{Another Guest Post} John Hensley’s Blog Entry:

I ♥ Mary Jane

I Love My Friends

When I get Bored, I Get Silly

Sitting In For (and a tribute to) Supermom

Never Been Kissed {Watching a Movie}

Teaching your children to have some independence and to be responsible. {Start at a very young age.}

We Celebrate 10 Years of Marriage on May 30, 2014
{Throwback Thursday}

The woman behind the blog. {Or actually the bad ass who started the blog.}

Wordless Wednesday {While you were away.}

While I was reading Ulysses.

I love incomplete sentences. {Like James Joyce}

Happy Mother's Day!

Oh no he didn’t! {said in best valley girl voice}

Supermom buys a cart.

Supermom and Ninja Gurl {Mother's Day Tea}

Throwback Thursday {I turned 39 last year.} #TT

Wordless Wednesday - Mommy of the Year #WW

Recently on Facebook {I'm pretty funny.}

Supermom travels to Charlotte, NC

My psychiatrist wants me to “find myself”. {She didn't say those exacts words. I don't think.}

Where did Supermom go??