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I'm just not Supermom anymore....

I think I’m just worn out with blogging. I’ve been around a long time and I think I have given all the advice that I know. You firs...

Recently on Facebook {I'm rather funny.}

Michelle LeeWould it be awkward if I framed a picture of James Spader for my night table?

Good morning. Back to my regular schedule of laundry and mopping.

Good morning. Happy 10th Anniversary to my husband. How did he put up with me for so long???? He took the day off so I'll be spending it with him.

Okay I am eXhAuStEd!!!!!!!!! I'm turning my laptop off and reading. Which means I will fall asleep drooling on myself. Tomorrow I will wake up and start the day celebrating all over again. Happy 10th Anniversary TOMORROW to my husband.

Please forgive me for not thanking every single one of you with a comment for my birthday greetings. I'm older you see and don't think my feeble body can write all those out so accept my liking your greeting as a HUGE HUG AND KISS. {Tongue if you wish, I'm easy}

Home from an amazing dinner at The Admiral. I'm ready for bed. Thank you for a wonderful day!!!!! Tomorrow we celebrate ten years of marriage. Next week = I sleep all week.

Feels like a pretty princess.

Oh em gee!!! My FAVORITE PIE IN THE WORLD!!!!! My husband brought home the best ever Peanut Butter Pie from True Confections!!!!! A WHOLE PIE!!! I may not share!!!! Where's my fork???
Yeah, being 40 is AWESOME!!!!!

I had all of my children home yesterday so I had to take a picture. Turning 40 isn't so bad because I have so much to be thankful for. With age comes experience and memories. You see before you four very important people {and dog} to me.

So Dana just called to wish me a happy early birthday. I also feel that she is writing an essay about this crazy woman she met online. No!! I'm not talking about me.

Wonders how many kindergartners recite Robert Frost at graduation?

My girlfriend Laurie knows just what to say. I love you. Thank you. I appreciate your words and kindness more than you know.

I'm going to wear a hat tonight to the burlesque show.

Happy Anniversary To Us

wedding day

Today marks ten years of marriage!  Yes, you heard that correctly!  My husband has put up with me for ten whole years.


I sat down to type up a lovie dovie post but then became speechless.

What does one say about ten years of marriage?

It's been great?  Thanks for the laughs?  You annoy me?  What in the world are we going to do for the next ten years?

{I tease.}

So, I thought I would make a list.  We all know how much I love a list!  Here goes:


The Adventures of Supermom - Now what?

My Babies May 2014This blog will be TEN years old in November and I've shared my opinions on so many things.

A DECADE OF BLOGGING!!!  Why aren't you tired of me yet?

We have been happy together.  Laughing together.  Smiling together.  Sharing private jokes.  Living.

We have cried together.  We have suffered losses together and we have lost people special to us.  We have fought with those not worthy of our time and we have survived.  That's what we do as humans, survive.  We are doing our very best on each given day. 

We have celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays together.  Hell, we've just celebrated every day of the week that ends in “Y” with each other.

We have even shared meals together.  Sorry about all those food pictures I've been known to post.  Now that I have a new camera I ask for forgiveness now for all the pictures that will be shown. 

{huge innocent smile}

You've seen my kids be born and you've watched them grow up.  You've seen them breastfeed, you've seen them walk for the first time and you've seen them dance and sing for you in videos.  Perhaps they have felt like extended family as I've shared so much of them with you.

I have shared so much of me with you.  {Haven't you felt all weird knowing so much?  You stalker.  Ha ha!}

You've seen me grow up.  You've seen me depressed and anxious.  You've seen me at my best and you've seen me at my very worst.  You've called me and you written me and you've held my hand and you've told me that you love me.  You've been there when I needed a shoulder and you've been there to laugh at me, I mean laugh with me.

We've even talked about sex or the lack of it.  Which reminds me I must do another sex survey.  You seem to get a kick out of those. 

Writing this blog has been entirely my pleasure.  I had no idea that it would grow like it did and that people would actually care what I had to say.  I'm just a southern girl from the mountains of North Carolina.  But I'm just like you and we share the same situations.  I just blog about it.  Good or bad??

When I lost the blog I felt like I had lost a family member {you}.  It was devastating.

Now that the blog is back I cannot wait to share so many new memories with you.  And there will be lots!!!  Life is always exciting. 

I may not have lots of parenting advice to offer these days since my kids are getting older but if you ever have a question or ask for help, then I will be there for you!  I can offer my opinion and hold your hand if you wish.

That's what I do.  I share myself with you.  Showing you the good and the bad of parenting, marriage and life. 

But I know that there are so many milestones yet to share with you and for you to share with me.  It's called life and it's only beginning.

School is almost over and I will enjoy the summer with my kiddos and just think of all the amazingly funny material that will bring.  I hope at least!

I'm looking forward to it.

What will you do this summer?

The Adventures of Supermom celebrates a big birthday. {Turning the big 4 0}

A Guest Post From My Only Girl Crush
{With her I don't need another.}

girlfriendsSince I've been asked to be a guest blogger answering the questions: How did I meet Michelle and what I think about her...I’ve decided to take a couple of minutes and respond to those questions.

Let me start by saying that Michelle and I have never met face-to-face. We met on Facebook and have been friends ever since. I liked her writing style and the kindness in her posts and wanted to be friends with her. I have since developed my first "girl crush" and stay faithful to this ageless beauty.

Michelle is one of those women that we HATE because she is so beautiful without any make-up, fresh out of the sheets. Clearly her husband is a lucky man. She is fair skinned and willowy in stature but with a very spicy way of wording things. She is very lady-like when she has to be but can truly keep her end up of an R-Rated conversation, but in a funny way. She is trusting to a fault and has gotten her feelings hurt by people judging a person they don’t know. This I don’t understand but I guess we all have haters when we pour our hearts out and open ourselves up on the Web. She still remains fearless in an attempt to let you know exactly who she is. She is very intelligent and witty, but will be the first one to say “I don’t get it” in a pinched up face, Valley Girl imitation. She is a tiger, a kitten, a ruler, a servant, a pusher, and a puller.

She is what she needs to be at the moment to make things in her personal and professional life work. She is, after all, Super Mom.

I have come to truly admire Michelle and do hope that we may someday meet. But for now, I’ll just be happy to be among her friends and cheer her on from the side lines. She is a very classy lady that I have come to love and care about. If this is a “girl crush” I can honestly say she is my only…

If I had never met Barry, I wouldn't have met Michelle.

The Adventures of SupermomLet me explain. Barry and I knew each other waaaay back when. He was smart enough to recognize that we had no future, but we remained friends. When I discovered the wonder of Facebook, I invited Barry to join the fun. He declined, but Michelle did not. This was the beginning of an epic friendship. I am now more Michelle's friend than Barry's friend. It's ok.  :)

I had no idea how precious Michelle would be to me. We've laughed, we've cried, we've shared dreams, frustrations, and secrets, we've gotten drunk together, we've plowed through challenges (sober, unfortunately), we've been angry with each other, we've played Scrabble with the big pencil. With every step along the way, we've lifted each other up, supported each other in the ways that only women can (sorry guys, your support is different). I know without a doubt that Michelle will be there to help me when I need her. I hope she knows that I will be there for her. It's hard, sometimes, for us spunky, über-capable women to ask for help, but we manage to support each other without needing to be asked. We just know.

So, thank you, Barry, for keeping me as a friend. Without you, I would not know and love Michelle. That would be far too high a price to pay. In case you don't know yet, Michelle is a gorgeous, tough, loving, teaching, supportive FORCE with which to be reckoned. It's an honor and privilege to be counted as her friend.

Big Pencil

Reunited after High School {Another Guest Post, so Blessed!}

Michelle LeeMichelle and I went to high school together but we were not friends. I knew who she was because we had some of the same friends but I never felt like I was good enough to be her friend and I didn't feel as if I fit in her circle.

A few months ago I had a camera for sale and Michelle sent me a message about it, since then we have become really good friends and I can not wait to see how this friendship grows.

I never knew how much we had in common and I am so blessed she came into my life at a moment when I was needing a good friend.

She is always there to listen, she checks on me daily since having surgery and she's pretty funny. She is a beautiful woman inside and out and She cares deeply for her family and friends. She is an amazing woman and I think we can learn a lot from each other. I feel I have made a friend for life and I can't thank her enough for that.

PS.  Michelle here, I AM PRETTY DAMN FUNNY!  :)

Michelle is my Twihomie {WHY I HEART U} DAMMIT, these guest posts keep making me cry! I love you too TJ!

M and M

The first time I met Michelle, I was a bit intimidated.  She had recently given birth to Lovely O, and I had recently given birth to Jane.  Two months after Jane’s birth, our family of three packed up the Jeep and started our voyage from West Point, NY to Greenville, MS for Jane’s christening.  Along the way, we stopped in Asheville to show off our first born to family members there.  The trips to Asheville were never pleasant for me because I was always thrust into a family feud that had nothing to do with me.  I was especially nervous for this trip because this was my first road trip as a mother.

When I met Michelle and her family at The Early Girl for supper, she and I tried to bond.  I felt completely inadequate to Michelle.  Michelle was a seasoned mother.  Her newborn weighed twice as much as Jane.  Michelle was breastfeeding with ease, and Jane could not because of medical reasons.  To top it off, my five pound two month old baby had colic!  Jane screamed and cried throughout the dinner while Lovely O nursed and slept.  Michelle smiled and tried to put me at ease, but it was no use.  I felt like a complete failure around her.

Each year, we returned to Asheville with Jane, and then with Harry.  And, each year, it was obvious that Lovely O was developing right on time and Jane was not.  However, Michelle never asked me questions or offered unsolicited advice on how to improve Jane’s health.  Michelle simply smiled at Jane and treated her like any other child. 

Michelle reassures me that Jane is just as awesome as I suspect she is.  She always remembers when Jane is having surgery and inquires about it.  She takes delight in Jane’s milestones.  Michelle even made Jane’s home IV infusions more fun with the beautiful bags she crocheted for Jane.  Now, Jane refuses to allow me to start her IV without her “Michelle Bag” at the ready.

Michelle and I have formed our own friendship and bond which was cemented over our obsession with Twighlight.  I blame her for getting me hooked on the books, but that’s okay.  I returned the the favor with Hunger Games.  Michelle and I are the grown women wearing the “Team Edward” shirts to the grocery store.  We’re the women who set our schedules around the movie premiere of Catching Fire. And we’re the women who scrunch our noses at other women who don’t care if Katniss and Peta end up getting married.

Living in Virginia does not allow me to see Michelle very often.  However, I feel like she is right down the road.  I know Michelle is just a text away from making me laugh are reassuring me that it’s perfectly natural to crave to Cool Ranch Doritos at age 41.

This is where Michelle updates ~~> {Well, I won't be 40 until May, soooooo......running}

{Another Guest Post} John Hensley’s Blog Entry:

I first met Michelle Sealey Lee in the spring of 1944. I was assigned to the British SAS and she was my liaison to the French Resistance. The moment I saw her short blond hair gleam in the mid-day sun breaking through the Ardennes Forest while she wiped an SS trooper’s blood off her commando knife, I knew she was something special. I wish I could effectively communicate the drama, excitement and sheer terror of those times – we were always in constant fear of capture, always on the run from one or more squads of Gestapo goons and always prepared to sacrifice our lives for our comrades, should the need arise. That sort of pressure is a crucible from which life-long friendships can be forged.

OK, not much of the above paragraph is accurate in terms of the details. But in terms of the emotions it evokes, I think it’s spot-on. And I suppose such a bold claim requires some explanation. Lets begin with the fact that the people around you in high-pressure, high-stress situations do indeed become bonded to you in some special way. For example, I can recall every member of my squad in basic training in exquisite detail because, while we never saw combat, we were living in close quarters during a very exciting time. By the same token, people who survive natural disasters together remain bonded in a very specific way. Even shared traumas on a national level bring us closer together (“Where were you and what were you doing on 9/11?”).

So what makes Michelle special is that she can interact with people and bond with them in the same way people bond over stress or sorrow – but (and here’s the amazing part) without the shared stress or sorrow.

How does she do it?

I think it has a lot to do with her having a lot of empathy but I think more importantly, in a very real way, she has shared our stress and sorrow, Maybe not yours or my specific stress and sorrow, but shared stress and sorrow all the same. (The Germans, as they usually do, have a term for this shared sorrow: weltschmertz). So I’ve been divorced and it caused me a lot of pain and guess what? So has Michelle. And I worry about how I’m raising my kids and guess what, so does Michelle. I’ve been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn and a king – and so has she. I met her through one of my best friends (who had the great good fortune to marry her) and immediately felt as if she and I had been friends for years. Her gift is that she can connect with you because of your shared experiences, even if they were shared separately, so to speak.

There are a lot of blogs out there, a lot of people offering their take on the world, their two cents – but I always am interested in what Michelle has to say. Because I know she understands how hard life can be, how much of a struggle every day really is – I know she gets it, she knows what I’m going through because she’s going through it too. So while Michelle and I didn’t really meet in France in the spring of 1944, I feel like we are veterans – veterans of this ongoing battle without end called Life. Some days I feel like wounds are all I’m made of and, guess what? So does Michelle.

I ♥ Mary Jane

Us in 2011.  I wish I had fixed my hair for pic.
I cried when I read what MJ had to say about me in her take time from your day to write about me challenge.

After reading her post I too begun to wonder why I started calling her Mary Jane and then MJ.  It has nothing to do with illegal drugs even though she is very addictive.  I think perhaps it's because I love those Mary Jane shoes and she just became Mary Jane. 

Hmmm, I hope that it's okay that I think it is because I like shoes MJ?  PS.  I do have a kid with ELIZABETH as her middle name.  ;)

Let me add that with MJ we can go days, weeks and months without talking and then pick up right where we left off.  That's the sign of a true lasting friendship.  I do think we need to make more time for each other with technology these days.

Geesh, I do have an iPhone!

Thank you MJ for your kind words, encouragement and mostly loving me just the way I am.

I Love My Friends

This week I am going to move some guest posts over from Michelle Unplugged because they are awesome posts written by my friends while I was going through a rough time last year.

{Losing this blog and a semi breakdown.}

So, here you go.  Enjoy.  You may need some tissue.  I did.

I ♥ Justin

Recently I reached out to my friends to ask them to take a bit of time from their busy life to do something for me.

Write a blog post about me.

It is my blog and I'm funny that way.  I didn't want it to be about organizations or anything from the news but about me.  Yanno, good family fun!

Interesting opinions from others that know me.  {And hopefully like me.}

I was tickled pink when Justin sent me his last night.  I wanted to grease myself down in glitter and find a stripper pole!

Thank you Justin for being my amazing friend.

Michelle Lee
Michelle and Justin
Michelle is commonly known as Supermom to the Internet community. To me, she is commonly known as Supermilf. For now, I will address her by Michelle and we will address me as Justin. I am however, more commonly known by my stripper name as The Long Dong Ranger. Got it? Good! 

I met Michelle through the glorious social media site YouTube. As we grew a fabulously hilarious online relationship, I also got to know a little more about her personal life. Michelle is a strongly devoted wife and dedicated mother of 4. She shares the beauties, mysteries, hardships, bruised knees, and everything else in between to mothers all over. She is a very responsible chick, but there are a few people in this galaxy that can bring out her extreme "no rules apply" party side. In case you were wondering, yes, I am one of those people. In case you were wondering, yes, I have seen her shake that booty at the club. 

When all is said and done, Michelle is a generous sexy mama that has the best of intentions for every person blessed in her path. Michelle is without a doubt the funnest Mom in the world and truly carries a drama free lifestyle. I have never heard her say one bad thing about anyone, this is what makes her extra special and adds even more sexiness to her existence. 

Love, love, and love!

{And for your viewing pleasure here's a video we made together.} 

Sitting In For (and a tribute to) Supermom

Supermom has requested that I (Superdad?) fulfill my promise to be a guest blogger. In light of her condition, I could hardly refuse. And as she tends to recover from everything so quickly, I figured it would only be temporary.

I can certainly attest to the fact that she really is worthy of the title. Supermom, even in pain, does not like to sit still. And in the time we have been together she's suffered her fair share: two (more) children; twice as many kidney stones; and various other issues to deal with, none of which she's ever really complained about. She has a certain strength of character. (You just know that if she got shot she'd sterlize the wound with whiskey, take a swig and dig the slug out with the paring knife...not because she's tough or trying to prove anything mind you but because it's just what has to be done.) But she's also very kind, patient and loyal. I have learned a great deal (especially about parenting) from her. I feel very humbled when she refers to me in this blog as Superdad because I can't begin to see myself in the same way that I see her (LuckyDad, certainly.) I've got a long way to go to be able to live up to such a high standard. But I married into the title so I'll take it.

Never Been Kissed {Watching a Movie}

A blast from the past movie that I loved the moment that it came out!  It’s so true!

High school is BRUTAL!!

It sucks!

And now that I am almost 40 I can look back and honestly say that I hated high school.

I hated the clicks and the desire to “fit in” and make friends.

It’s so much pressure!!

I’d never go back and be a teenager girl in high school.

Especially girls, girls are mean in high school.

And rumors are vicious in school.

Thank God we grow up {hopefully} into civilized adults.

{know what I mean?}

I grew up in several trailer parks throughout the country in my life while living with my mom and stepdad.  We didn’t have any money really and I was never the girl that was in style with the most popular brands of clothes and I wasn’t popular with other kids in school.

Thankfully I had my Mamaw and Papaw, my dad’s parents, to help me throughout life.  I was able to see them every other weekend and two weeks in the summer.  They took care of me.  They made me who I am today.  Mamaw and Papaw would buy whatever I needed and we’d do so many fun things during the summer.  I never wanted to leave their side when the time came.

It makes me sad to remember all of this.

Eventually over time, and a few bad things happening, I moved in with my daddy when I was 15.  My life changed then.  I was a happy girl.  I didn’t have to worry or be stressed, I could be a normal teenage girl.  Sadly about that time my Papaw died and everyone in my family was devastated.

About this time I moved in with my Mamaw so she wouldn’t be alone.

{About this time I probably drove her crazy being a difficult teenage girl.  I’m sorry Mamaw.}

No one is school really knew this about me.  I was able go to school and try to make good grades and be normal.

So here I am 20+ years later.

I’m married to a really good man with four amazing children.  I’ve always kept a journal and now that journal has turned into a blog.  Silly, inno.  I’ve always been a reader and I still am.

I’m thankful for a roof over our heads and food in our bellies and I’m thankful that we have each other.

I don’t have many worries.

I don’t have many friends.

But the people I do consider friends will be there for forever.

Life is Good. 

Teaching your children to have some independence and to be responsible. {Start at a very young age.}

michelle unplugged socksI think all kids should have a designated chore. Even a child as young as three can have an easy chore. Each chore must be age appropriate. You wouldn't expect your four year old to vacuum the whole house.

Lovely O and Ninja Gurl started setting the table when they were two-ish. At first they had help from their older siblings. Now they do it all by themselves.  They will get the place mats out and put them on the table. I will hand them napkins then they will come back and get forks/spoons. They are awesome help!!

Kids really feel good about helping out in the house. Trust me. They do. You aren't being cruel by making them set the table. Make their bed. Pick up after THEMSELVES!! You are teaching them responsibility. Gotta have it.

Another big thing in our house is laundry.  Each child folds and put their laundry away on their own.  It may not be folded perfectly but they are doing it themselves and they are extremely proud!

The older kids do things like load and empty the dishwasher, gathering the trash and taking it out, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning their bathroom and helping with the babies.  Including helping with Sophie.

All the chores are age appropriate and my kids are capable of doing them.

Independence is fun at our house because I just never know what to expect.

I have always let my kids pick out their own clothes.

Even for school Lovely O and Ninja Gurl do it all on their own.  Sometimes they look downright ADORABLE and at times you ask, “Are you sure you want to wear that outfit?”

They never change their mind.

Since school started last week I haven’t cringed at Ninja Gurl’s clothes.  Ha ha.  She has been wearing different socks though, they both do that.  I think it’s cute.

A yellow SpongeBob sock should be paired with one hot pink sock!


I love all four of my kids and I am very thankful for them.

Do you give your kids chores to teach responsibility? It's never too late to start.

We Celebrate 10 Years of Marriage on May 30, 2014
{Throwback Thursday}

We celebrate 10 Years of marriage on May 30, 2014

Wedding 01

The woman behind the blog. {Or actually the bad ass who started the blog.}

Michelle Lee @michelleunpluggedI’m still that woman people call Supermom {even though my new business cards just say MICHELLE}, I’m that woman who blogs about kids, cooking, parenting and sex.  Yeah, that woman.

Throw in some book reading, crocheting and making yo yos and you’ve pretty much got all of me.

Oh, and awesome wife to my husband.  I think I am, we should have him tell us how I rank in the wife position.

Oh honey??????

When people know I’m a blogger I still get nervous.

{Even after 9+ years of telling anyone, who will read all about, my business.}

I’m proud to be a blogger and have no problem telling people.  At first I would cringe when someone would ask, “What do you do?”

Besides telling them I am a porn star and a professional beer drinker {I’M NOT}, I really didn’t know what to say.




I HATE THE TERM STAY AT HOME MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dammit, I may stay at home and I am a mom but whatever you do, do not call me a stay at home mom.

That there is fighting words.

I want to clear it up a bit so if you happen to meet me in person you will know some facts about who I really am.

I'm really nice.  I like to smile.  I love to make jokes and laugh.  I am a perv.  I have no secrets.  I tell you like it is.  I do drink a cold beer now and then, same with wine.  We eat organic, except my friendship bread is not organic.  And I make a delicious gluten free carrot cake, from a box.  Ha ha.

We live in a small ranch house that is kept clean because I have OCD issues.  I'm really not famous.  I love my family unconditionally, accepting them for who they are.  I don't judge.  I love to sew, crochet, bake and I can about do anything that I put my mind to.

If you do recognize me in public please feel free to shout at me and give me a hug!  I'd like that.

{How can you not recognize me with all the pictures I post of myself, geesh!!}

I've been married before.  My two oldest kids are from my first marriage.  My husband is an excellent step dad!  I'm my husband’s first and only wife.  He waited a long time for me to come into his life.  He was a week shy of 41 when we married.


I love you honey.

I'm a strict mom.  I don't take any crap from my kids.  Mostly....

There's a fine line between parenting and being a friend to your kids.  I got it down pat.  They know if they keep their room clean and don't give me a hard time then they pretty much have an easy life.

I wouldn't say they are spoiled though.  They know about money and that it doesn't grow on trees.  There is a difference between "wanting" and "needing" something new.  *shrug*

I love having a garden and I hate mosquitos!

I am a country girl and it comes out when I'm with my family.  Y'all and you'ins are part of my regular vocabulary.  Just ask my husband.

That's all I can think of at the moment.  My friends feel free to jump in with your comments.

Wordless Wednesday {While you were away.}

Ulysses Tattoo
It took six months of my life to read an amazing book.
Then I got a tattoo matching the "U" on the cover.

While I was reading Ulysses.

Michelle and PapawWhile waiting at the doctor’s office months ago I was reading Ulysses and it made me think.

It made me think about my Papaw.

How much I loved him.

How he was a good man.

Then I tried to remember his voice.

I couldn’t.

It made me terribly sad and I got teary eyed.

I know his voice was kind and loving but I cannot remember how he sounds.

From Ulysses:
Besides how could you remember everybody?  Eyes, walk, voice.  Well, the voice, yes: gramophone.  Have a gramophone in every grave or keep it in the house… 

I cannot remember his voice…

I love incomplete sentences. {Like James Joyce}

You will find A LOT of incomplete sentenced in my blog because I type how I talk.

How I think.

I cannot change that.

I love incomplete sentences.

It’s totally Michelle.

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day
You know this is true!

Michelle Lee @michelleunplugged and supermom
With my oldest daughter.

Michelle Lee @michelleunplugged and supermom
With the two babies.

Michelle Lee @michelleunplugged and supermom
With my son.

Oh no he didn’t! {said in best valley girl voice}

The shame!!!  The humiliation!!!  Oh em gee!!!!!!  {snapping gum}

I was very blessed that my super amazing handsome intelligent husband (known as Superdad) let me sleep in this Saturday morning which happens to be the only morning that he would be able to sleep in.

With work Monday through Friday and church on Sunday, Saturday morning should be his sleep in late day.
I guess he felt me silently crawl into bed at 2am and thought he’s being an amazing husband and let me sleep in.

With all the stress I’ve been going through with the other blog and all and having a headache yesterday.

Nahhh, that probably wasn’t it at all.  I was probably passed out cold and didn’t hear the dog whining to go pee or feel the kids poking on me to feed them so he HAD to get up.

Just being honest.

So, as I made my way to my tiny yellow toned kitchen to make coffee in my tiny little nightgown that makes me feel all young again and I opened the fridge to get milk for my coffee and to my amazement LOOK WHAT I FOUND hidden amongst things in the refrigerator.

Supermom buys a cart.

I found this great outside drink cart while shopping last week.  I kept walking past it, admiring.....  Not sure what I would do with it.  Needless to say I ended up bringing it home with me.  I found it a lovely little home in our bedroom.  {Against his wishes.}

There's just something about this cart that I adore.  I just know it's perfect right where it is.  I took the tray handles off and put my favorite things on the cart.  :)

BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!  DUHH!!!

Michelle Lee @michelleunplugged

Recently on Facebook {I'm pretty funny.}

Note to self: Don't wear short linen skirts when I take Sophie out in public. She will jump up on me causing me to flash every single person around me. Sorry to the man at the groomers for all of that. I know I'm not your type but you still didn't need to see my purple undies. Blush.

Oh Em Gee!!! I just opened the most amazing box to review!!!! I love my new Vionic Shoes!!!!!! I don't think I will ever take them off. @vionicshoes #SoleStory

I'm ready for James tonight. Bring it!!!!

Just recorded FOUR videos. I must love you guys a lot. Uploading now, posting soon.

My house is spotless. Don't move. Ha ha

Since I've been watching The Blacklist again (from the beginning) with my husband I've been noticing things. My opinions may have changed. Hmmmmm.

Just watched the horse race.

Yay!!!! I've talked my husband into watching The Blacklist with me. We are starting with the first one tonight. I cannot wait to watch them in order again. He's going to be addicted like the rest of us!!!! {Smacking my arm for a vein.}

I've been ignoring it, denying it, pretending it didn't exist. I cannot anymore. I. Am. Sick. Who gave me a flipping cold?

I just want to say that I am so blessed to have some pretty amazing people in my family. I'm having the most amazing time visiting my aunt and uncle. They want me to make it a regular thing BUT stay longer!! I am thankful. — feeling blessed.

I just took a nice relaxing hot bath. No kids came in to use the bathroom and Sophie didn't sit by the tub and watch me take a bath!

I just crawled in bed. I don't think I can sleep alone. Wonder if it would freak my aunt and uncle out if I crawled in bed with them?

Dear Charlotte,
I'm here. Be gentle.

I have to pee. Stopped at rest area. Just thought you'd like to know.

I'm working on updating The Adventures of Supermom. Let's start May off with a BANG! Thank you for the encouragement and support when I needed it most.

I could give up chocolate but I'm not a quitter.

Recent text from my girlfriend Marian: Where is the video of you in the tub? And what's up with you being dressed in the videos? I want one of you when you get home after the morning school run in your robe. What about bed head?? Or you naked with only your apron on....making kinky bread?
I thought she liked me????? ha ha ha

Am I the only one who calls my friends to tell them they must buy a certain vibrator?? Surely not. — feeling amused.

I've turned into one of those people... I'm a bird watcher.

Oh Em Gee!!! I hear my son playing House of the Rising Sun in his room. How cool is he?????????? #allthecoolkidsaredoingit

Supermom travels to Charlotte, NC

Recently I drove to Charlotte to visit with my Aunt and Uncle who have an amazing place there.  I was going down to support my Aunt with her new business venture {more on this later} and attend a champagne party. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my adult time trip and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my Aunt and Uncle.  They are amazing people and such a pleasure to be around.  We talked, laughed and enjoyed each others company. 

While I was away from my amazing husband and adoring kids {YES, I did miss them} my Aunt and Uncle made it bearable by spoiling me. 

Just barely!  HA HA!!  You'll be calling me out on that one when you see my pictures!!! {wink}

When I made it to Charlotte they took me to eat a delicious French meal at Georges.  We feasted on oysters, wine and I had a GB CROQUE MADAME.  YUMMY!

Michelle Lee @MichelleUplugged and The Adventures of Supermom
Three different kinds.  The French Kisses were my favorite.

My psychiatrist wants me to “find myself”. {She didn't say those exacts words. I don't think.}

Recently I sat down with my amazing tell you like it is psychiatrist and we had a talk. Well, I talk a lot and she listens then she talks. I talk more and she listens. I may even cry. It's life. I've gotten to where I look forward to our little chats and wish I had met her outside of the medical field because I could bet we'd be totally cool friends. {Wishful thinking}

Lately I've been depressed and sleeping a lot more than usual. I can wake up and do the school run and I'm wiped out and ready for a nap. It's been frustrating for me. My body has a tendency to “shut down” under duress and make me sleep. This hasn't been that sort of sleepiness.

{It just wasn't right.}

I spoke to my doc about it and she thinks I am bored. I've been a mommy my whole adult life, being pregnant at nineteen and then having my daughter right after I turned twenty. Now that my children are getting older and with my oldest even moving out into the adult world I am losing my “place”. Not to mention that I am turning the BIG 4 0 in a few weeks.

I have all of these emotions pouring out of me and it's making me depressed and feel lost.

Where is my place? What do I want to do when I grow up? Will all the cool kids like me?

Things like that.

She gave me homework. In the next four weeks she wants to be get out and about and try things and find things I enjoy doing. I've decided to call the church I have been going to on Sundays to see about their “soup kitchen” because I know they feed people once a week {I believe} and I would enjoy helping. I can cut veggies or serve or whatever is needed of me. Then they also have a Knitting Group that meets twice a week to make prayer shawls. We all know I can do that!

She also gave me other ideas to look into.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Where did Supermom go??

Michelle Lee @michelleunplugged*deep sigh*  Where do I even begin to tell this story?  I could say it was a dark and stormy night with 5 feet of snow on the ground and we were without power for seven days and the kids were driving me crazy but I would be lying. 

It was actually Friday, June 16, 2013 and it was a Father's Day post.  I don't know if anyone was able to see it. 

It was very traumatic.

Yeah yeah I blog a lot about my life and my family.  I didn’t realize how important it was to me until it was gone.


Just like that.

Superdad had told me he had gotten a Malware notice when he went to my blog and I didn’t think anything about it because everything was working on my laptop.

Until Monday morning when I was getting emails about my blog not opening and people were getting Malware pop-ups.

It was very frustrating because my blog is as clean as it gets if you overlook the sex surveys and all the alcohol drinking at my house.  (I kid.  Sort of.)

I instantly went into “must fix this” mode which included a lot of crying.

A lot of sobbing.