White People Really Can’t Dance
(except my friend Michelle)

The Adventures of SupermomLast night I had an amazing time with some friends of mine at Pack’s Tavern which is in downtown Asheville and it’s one of my favorite places to go out when I do go out on that rare occasion.  It started out as getting together with high school peeps since we had our 20th reunion last year and had said we should do it every year.  So, we put it out there and no one seemed interested the second time around but a few.  Then I threw it out online for anyone to come so we could have a fun time dancing and drinking.

There were eight of us at our rowdy table.  Well, rowdy doesn’t really explain our table.  Us gals were flirting obsessively with Bryson who was taking care of us as he brought us tasty drinks, yummy food and that awesome smile of his! 

Well, we couldn’t help it!!!  I’m very sure that he’s young enough to be my son!!
Remember I do have a daughter that goes to UNCA.  Yep, I am that old.  Ha ha.

The Adventures of SupermomAfter shots with Michelle and my signature martini we danced, laughed and laughed a lot more!  It was really awesome getting out of the house without worrying about adult responsibilities with kids, cooking dinner and giving the girls a bath.  The only thing I had to worry about was making sure to stop drinking early enough so I could drive home and flirting with Bryson. 

It’s funny because the people that knew me in school really don’t know me now, like my sense of humor and how I just say what I want and I’m really a big perv.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  I am totally harmless but pretty much game for anything.  Ha ha.  I’m a fun and crazy gal. 

Our table conversation was about all sorts of fun things and even ended up on sex toys and I’ve got to remember WHO brought that up.  I know it wasn’t me this time.  Ohhhh, I know who started it but my lips are sealed.  But I do know we all were using Google to look a few things up! 

It’s all coming back to me now.

I just want to give a big thank you to my friends that came last night, our waiter who made it all very pleasurable and my husband who watched the babies so I could go out and be all crazy!

Oh, one more thing.  While sitting at the table with my friend Gary we were people watching and white people really can’t dance.  *shaking head*  We like to kid ourselves but honestly we can’t and I’m okay with that.     

The Adventures of Supermom
Chocolate Martini

The Adventures of Supermom
Michelle and Jake.  Class of '92.

The Adventures of Supermom
Michelle and Michelle.  Class of '92.

The Adventures of Supermom
My friend Gary.  We used to work for the same company.

The Adventures of Supermom
Brian and Michelle.  Class of '92 and cousins.  ha ha

The Adventures of Supermom
A Michelle sandwich with Aretha and Brian.

The Adventures of Supermom
Make your own caption for this pic!  Coming to Jerry Springer soon?

The Adventures of Supermom
Bryson.  Need I say more?

The Adventures of Supermom
Michelle and Anna.  My awesome friend.

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