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My Family

I found this amazing picture while looking for Baby H pictures!!!  I put a pink arrow pointed to that adorable little girl on a red tricycle!  That's ME!!!  How cool is that?  I still have that tricycle BTW.  This is such a great photo!!!  From left to right let me share with you my family.

My aunt, a cousin, my Papaw , (lower) my great grandfather, my Mamaw, my great grandmother, my daddy, my mom, a cousin, (standing) I don't know who the pregnant lady is, an uncle, an uncle, great aunt, great aunt and a cousin.

And that adorable blond girl with a read shirt on is ME!!!!!

Check out that old glass Coke bottle and I'm thinking that's an ice cream maker bucket on the right on the bench.

The Adventures of Supermom
Yep, that's me at Myrtle Beach.  I was in high school but not sure what grade or my age.

The Adventures of Supermom
Yep, another picture of me from high school.

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