Show me your baby belly!

1 day to go belly
182 pounds, the day before Baby M was born.
Every time I pick up a magazine or watch TV it’s full of beautiful people with beautiful bodies, for the most part.  It makes me cringe that young girls think they have to be a size zero because it just isn’t fair.  It isn’t fair to them to have this expectation that they must be so tiny and look like they would blow away in a strong wind.

Young girls need to know that it’s okay to weigh more than a Q-tip because we are all different!  We have different genes for one and our bodies should be different.  I got my mom’s genes so I have always been tall and slender without a butt.  I’ve always wanted a butt!!  Even when I weighed 182 the day before Baby M was born I still didn’t have a butt!

What’s up with that!?!?!

For me it is hard to see a celebrity a few months after birth wearing her regular clothes and back to her normal size.  They don't mention the plastic surgery {?}, personal chef, personal trainer and the nanny to watch their baby.  After my babies were born I wore my pajama pants and my maternity clothes because I was fat, even months after the new baby I was still wearing bigger clothes because I was still fat.  I wasn’t worried about dieting or exercising because I was too busy being a mom.  I was napping with the new baby, nursing the new baby, taking care of my other kids, cooking, and cleaning and just being mom.

The other day I saw some article that showed women pregnant, it showed their bellies and stretch marks and it made me think about my body.  My husband and children see my body all the time with clothes and without clothes and I am not ashamed of my body.  If it weren’t for my belly, my kids wouldn’t be here.

It’s odd because they don’t care if I don’t have clothes on because my kids always want to talk to me when I am in the bathtub.  Ha ha.  I just sort of look at them and then look at my naked body and back to them and then they will leave most of the time.  The other times they will sit by the tub and talk my ear off.  Which is okay I suppose because they feel comfortable talking to me at any time of the day, clothes or no clothes.

It makes me sad because I want everyone to enjoy the body that they have and most of all after a woman has a baby and becomes a mommy.  I don’t want her to hate the way her body has changed because she has given life to a tiny baby. 

Aren’t babies just a beautiful miracle?

Our boobs get bigger and sag, we get stretch marks for gaining a lot of weight and most of the time that skin just doesn’t go back to where it originally was.  I know that my body has changed a lot after giving birth to my four children.  A lot.

I am one big stretch mark from my boobs to my knees and I do have a pouch that will not go away because it is extra skin.  It isn’t weight that I can lose because it is just skin that was stretched from here to there, a few times in my case.

After having children I didn’t like the way my body looked.  I didn’t want my husband to see me naked.  I felt like I wasn’t attractive.  So I bought bigger panties, like briefs, because they covered all of that and I was able to forget what I looked like without clothes on.  Briefs are a new moms best friend!  I also don’t wear tight clothes so no one sees my muffin top as they say.  No one wants to see that!  I don’t even want to see it.

But it is me.

I’ve had a few other Supermoms mention my belly so I thought about taking a picture of my baby belly to show you that even I, Michelle, have a baby belly.  I just have never showed it to you before now.

When I see my belly I have to remember that is has grown four healthy beautiful children and I really love my children!  I should be proud of this amazing feat but at times my belly does get me down.  I cannot wear those sexy lil panties at Victoria’s Secret because it would be the most unflattering thing EVER and I am okay with that.  Really I am!  I’d rather wear sexy bigger panties that show off my great breasts.  Ha ha.  :)

See, I can be laugh about my belly.  Just don’t shake my belly while singing the Jell-O song.

Watch it wiggle, see it jiggle…

That doesn’t make me amused at all!!!!

But I would probably just join in and sing with you if you did.


This is me sharing something very personal with you, my belly.

It’s not perfectly flat and that’s perfectly okay with me.

It’s my beautiful baby belly.  Sorry I didn’t show you a real picture of my entire pouch but it is there hidden by my panties.  It looks like I just took some Velcro and attached a kangaroo pouch on my belly and that’s okay with me.  I suppose.  No need to stress over it because it’s not going anywhere.

Picture taken 6-27-2013

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