Reading About Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe Book ChallengeLast night I finished reading/going over the MM biography that I checked out of the library Friday, one of many that you can choose from, and it left me feeling sympathetic for Marilyn.  She lived such a lonely life and in all reality I don’t think she would have been happy had everything worked out the way she wanted it to work out.

I had been led to believe, or it’s just how I remember the story, that she and JFK had a long term love affair and it wasn’t that way at all.  Going by what I read it was only a weekend thing and then she was a lovesick school girl over him, calling and such and he wouldn’t return her advances.

To him she was just another notch on his bedpost.

But let me start from the beginning.

She never had a chance with a mentally ill mother who was very promiscuous.  I believe that MM herself had the same mental issues as her mother and this book sort of confirms that as well.  I wonder how her life would have turned out had the Bolenders’ been able to adopt Marilyn and raise her until adulthood.
I had a tear run down my face when Ida Bolender sent little Norma Jean out the door with her suitcase to live with a woman she barely knew.  Such a terrible thing for a child to go through.

So with a string of marriages, one being an abusive husband and a string of lovers MM was still a lonely woman trying to find her way through life. 

As I sit here I wonder how so many people could idolize her life because it was a very sad life to live.  If anything we should have sympathy for her.  Reading this biography really has made me see MM very differently. 

Yes, she was a beautiful woman and this is a given.  She stared in movies, had famous friends, enjoyed a glamorous life to a degree and loved to read.  (This is how my personal challenge started.)

Mental illness is a terrible thing.

There are so many conspiracy theories about how she died or if she was murdered and I’ve come to my own conclusion that she overdosed on medication.  She had overdosed on several occasions but was always found and helped only this time no one was there to rescue her.

So she died.

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