No one triple dog dares Supermom.

Bwah ha ha.

Remember when you were a little kid and you were dared to do something??  Something that made you sick to your stomach and your palms sweat but you didn’t let your nervousness show because you were too proud.

You were going to do that dare no matter how it made you feel and then try to burn from your memory running around the car, at a stop sign, in your skivvies.  Yep, I’ve done that!  It used to be a big thing for us bored teenagers!  We’d strip down to our undies in the car and take turns running around the car at stop signs.  *shaking head*  How in the world did I survive being a teenager?

Everyone secretly loves a dare because you can do something totally crazy and then let your excuse be that you were dared in the first place.

I WAS DARED TO DO THAT.  Secretly knowing that you would have done it anyway without even being dared because you are that crazy anyway!  Ha ha.  I am a wild a crazy mom for sure! 

I’m cool like that.

Doesn’t everyone think of Ralphie and Flick when you are dared to do something?  I know I wouldn’t stick my tongue on a frozen pole though!!  At least I hope that I wouldn’t.  Would you?

So why I am typing up this post?  I WAS DARED!!!  Let me start from the beginning.

The other day my daughter introduced me to the handsome young man that she was going on a date with and I harmlessly posted on my Facebook a status about how handsome he was and something about wanting to be 19 again (which I don’t).  Later on after he left the house he sent me a friend request on Facebook.

I had debated to accept or not because we all know I tell it like it is and I’d hate to embarrass my daughter with having me as her mom.  But I accepted.

He then saw my post from earlier on in the day.

No biggie.  (more on this in a minute)

He’s a really nice guy and very outgoing and he wears short shorts.  HA HA!!  Most guys these days wear shorts to their knees but not this guy, he wears them much shorter.   Like Magnum PI short!  If he’d only grow a mustache they could pass for twins. 

So of course it became the topic of conversation, his shorts, and it’s been a lot of fun!  For all of us, I hope.  He even showed me a picture of his shorts hanging up by COLOR.  His closet is more organized than mine!!!!  Geesh!!!!!

So, back to my post.  I noticed that his brother took my status update and posted it on HIS FB wall saying that he was proud of his brother.

Proud of what?

That his brother was out with a gorgeous girl his age or that an old woman that could be his mom thought he was handsome?

Then I asked if his brother wore short shorts?  Ha ha.  See, you never know what I might say!!!

I cannot help it!!!

So HE triple dared me to blog about his short shorts.  DARED ME, SUPERMOM!!!!!

Can you believe it?

I would post a picture of him but I’m behaving.  Ha ha.  It’s hard, being good; I’m like sitting on my hands making it more difficult to type this post up.  So, I found a close picture that resembled him.  *ha ha ha ha*

I leave with this song that I REMEMBER being on TV because I’m old like that.

Then just for fun!

Remember, this post was all in good fun.  I'm just a harmless blogger that loves to laugh!  

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