Yesterday I posted that in ten more days I would be 39, forever 39…

Baby Michelle
Isn’t that how it goes?  Or do you want to be forever 29? 

I guess it all depends on the person and where they are in life I suppose.

But here I sit on my couch with my feet propped up and my laptop sitting in my lap (imagine that) with the windows open feeling the breeze flow through my living room.

I remember the past.

At times it even sneaks up on me.

I can be somewhere and smell a scent that takes me back to my great grandmother’s kitchen table eating her homemade pound cake with the edges a little bit crusty, my favorite part.

Or I can be playing in the cold creek with the cows that was across the street from the little trailer park that I used to live in while growing up.

Or I can remember my little sister messing with my things making me angry.  For example:  messing with my Barbie Dolls, trying to paint my cats nails and pouring the bottle on Snowball until Snowball scratched most of her hair off trying to get the polish off, or accidentally letting my hamster out which ended tragically because she was eaten by my cat.  Things like that.

Or I can remember Disney with my grandparents riding It’s a Small World over and over again with my Mamaw. 

Or I can remember riding my little red tricycle at my great grandparent’s house and sitting on my papaw’s lap getting the Beechnut chewing gum from his overall’s center pocket.

Or I can be at Bent Creek playing in the sand and getting in the murky water feeling the squishy ground under my feet.

Or I can be at the Erwin Pool jumping into the deep end with my best friend Brian.

Or I can be outside in the dark kissing Superdad for the first time.

Or I can be holding each of my children after they were born.

The mind is an amazing thing and you never know what you might remember by chance.

I’m thankful for those chances and I’m most thankful for those memories that sneak up on me.

I guess turning 39 next week won’t be so bad because I’ve got some amazing memories to look back on with fondness.

What do you look forward to when your birthday is near?

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