What will I do with the kids all summer?

That is the magic question.  What will I do with the kids all summer?  It is Ninja Gurl’s last summer before she starts school.

Sniff sniff.

Where did the time go?

In a blink of the eye.

So, I want to do all sorts of fun things before school starts.

Lazy days at home.  ~ So the kids can play in their kiddie pool as I listen to them squeal with delight in the sun while I’m reading a book on the porch, my quiet oasis.

Public Pool. ~ So they can jump in water that is deeper than a foot and so they can meet other little people like them.

Library. ~ Superdad does this on Saturdays.

Walking the Neighborhood. ~ Something that I am looking forward to not only because the kids will enjoy it but because I want to get in better shape.

Chuck E. Cheese or Fun Depot. ~ If it’s rainy and they want to get out of the house (or they are driving me crazy) I can always fall back on these indoor fun places.  *twisting arms*

VACATION!!! ~ A week to enjoy the sand, ocean water and Taco Boy!  Need I say more?

Zoo? ~ An idea???

Pigeon Forge with my Family. ~ If Mamaw brings it up we will go.

During this time I will also be looking for part time work since all the birdies will be flying the nest and going to school in the fall.  Yep, who would have thought that I’d look forward to joining the working field but I am.  I hope that I can find work with local companies with social media since I’m pretty handy in that area.

I even started my own site, That Girl Who Blogs so I can introduce myself to potential clients that are looking for social network consulting.  Then I am your girl.  :)  Let me update your Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest!  Check out the site and give me a call if you are interested.

So, what will you do this summer to entertain your kids? 

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Any suggestions on free activities?