Surviving while Mom is out of town in three easy steps.

headless BarbieI just made that title up and so I thought I would make three funny (easy) steps as well.  I’m in a fun mood so you get to reap the benefits.

Let’s see…
Three easy steps to surviving while Mom is out of town.

1)  Learn your Survival Food Groups for this situation, just this once cereal, pizza, popcorn and crackers are part of the major food groups, while Mom is away. 
2)  Actually thinking about giving the kids a bath counts as giving them one, just this once while Mom is away.
3)  Shoving toys under the living room furniture does count as cleaning the house, just this once while Mom is away.
Please feel free to share with other moms and dads and comment below with your own survival skills.  It never hurts to share valuable tips to your fans.

BTW, I am not saying that any of these happened while I was away because they didn’t thanks to my teenage daughter who took care of the babies and picked up toys while Superdad cooked dinner.  Yeah, they are cool like that.

However, I did come home to a lot of headless Barbies thanks to Baby M who, I guess, thought that you could pop their heads off to change their clothes like you can Polly Pockets.  Yeah, about that, it doesn't work that way.  Sooo, I guess they will get some new Barbies for Christmas…which makes my shopping list very easy all of a sudden.

I can live with that. 

Last night I didn’t get home until after 11pm due to my flight being delayed in Detroit but that was okay because I was able to eat a yummy asiago bagel while enjoying a good cup of coffee while reading my book all comfy in a chair while the rest of the folks were running to catch their flight.  Not me, nope, delayed with a good book.


Does it get any better??  Ha ha.

(I tease.)

Actually, no I don’t.

Anyway, it’s Friday and I’m doing my usual and my usual is BOOOOORING.  I just cleaned two bathrooms.  I have clothes washing.  I have a roast with yummy spices in the crockpot cooking.  I will make Baby M some lunch in a minute then dust and vacuum.

Yeah, a glamorous life that I lead.


I cannot wait to tell you about my trip to the Mars Chocolate Company in Elizabethtown, PA and share some pictures!  I promise you will get several posts with lots of pictures because I have so much to share.  I will post some candid shots tomorrow to give you a sneak peek!!

I love sneak peeks but not as much as I love DOVE Chocolate. 

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